High Definition Liposuction


  • High Definition liposuction refers to the ability to dramatically improve body contouring outcomes using VASER technology to comprehensively remove all fat as well as a skin tightening procedure when skin looseness is observed.
  • The combination of comprehensive fat removal with skin tightening is critical to achieving superior contouring results.
  • The High definition liposuction protocol dictates whether the redundant skin is tightened with either a minimally invasive
  • Renuvion technology or more invasive simultaneous tucking procedures. The contouring improvements achieved with high definition liposuction are revolutionary as depicted by numerous before and after results and patient reviews acknowledging superior body contouring outcomes.
  • Mastery in VASER liposuction and patient selection ensures truly transformative results.


Procedure: Optimal elimination of excess fat and redundant skin that may have accumulated over the abdomen, flanks, back, waistline, breasts, arms, medial thighs, lateral thighs, and neck.

Length: 1 to 6 hours dependent on the number of areas treated, degree of excess fat and severity of skin redundancy.

Anesthesia: General anesthesia.

Place of Treatment: Outpatient surgical suite or hospital operating room.

Side Effects:

  1. Bruising may follow any type of liposuction as there is trauma to the fatty layer that houses vascular structures. Leakage of blood from these vessels may result in localized bruising. This risk is minimized with the use of the Vaser technology which minimizes trauma to vessels and nerves. Patient bruising is also minimized with customized foam inlayed compression garments that provide light pressure to minimize oozing from the vessels.
  2. Prolonged swelling up to 3 months may occur infrequently if the patient has poor lymphatic drainage or poor nutrition.  Lymphatic drainage is encouraged with serial lymphatic messages, body wraps, and external ultrasound/radiofrequency treatments provided in the early postoperative period (1st 10 days) to avoid prolonged swelling in most patients. Patients are also recommended to intake 150mg of protein daily in preparation for surgery. Increased protein intake results in increased albumin protein in the blood stream that protects vessels from leaking.
  3. Seroma formation refers to the accumulation of plasma fluid in pockets created by surgical elevation of the soft tissue. This fluid accumulates due to a low blood count and protein deficiency. This fluid can be a nuisance to patients since it can require several aspirations in the office prior to resolution. These fluid pockets if present are identified during your serial lymphatic messages and should be removed promptly.


  1. Fat emboli may occur following any type of liposuction and refers to fat cells getting into the blood stream. If enough fat volume enters a blood vessel (typically a vein) and then travels up to the heart or lungs, the fat can clog up the critical vasculature resulting in serious harm. This risk is minimized using various maneuvers including: 1) intimate knowledge of underlying anatomy (larger vessels are mapped out to avoid inadvertent entry). 2) use of a portable ultrasound to get a real time view of the underlying structures so that trauma to vessels is avoided. 3) avoidance of fat grafting in muscles that are in proximity of large vessels.
  2. Skin compromise may occur following liposuction especially in patients with diabetes or those with immune deficiency. Diabetes and nutritional deficiencies are largely to blame for healing difficulty observed in these patients. All attempts are made to correct any medical and nutritional deficiencies prior to surgery. Finally, if skin compromise is detected intra-operatively, less aggressive liposuction is employed to minimize skin trauma and areas affected are treated immediately with Nitro paste to encourage increased vascular flow.

Recovery: The recovery for high definition liposuction may be variable requiring as little as 1 to 2 weeks depending on your pain tolerance. Routinely, patients are encouraged to return to the gym with full physical activity resumed no later than 2 to 3 weeks following surgery.

Duration of Results: Patients are universally pleased with high definition liposuction results as the body contouring transformations are "jaw dropping." Patients are expected to preserve their results by keeping an active lifestyle and maintaining their weight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does High Defininiton Lipo (HD) Lipo involve?

High definition liposuction involves a customized algorithm and surgical plan to maximize removal of excess fat and elimination of skin redundancy in order to maximize contouring outcomes. Comprehensive removal of fat is achieved using Vaser technology. Technique for removal of skin is based on degree of skin redundancy and may involve Vaser skin retraction (minimal skin redundancy), Renuvion J plasma (minimal to moderate skin redundancy), and/or skin tucking (moderate to severe skin redundancy).

Am I a good candidate for High definition Liposuction?

Any and all patients who suffer from excess fat and/or skin redundancy will benefit from HD liposuction. During your initial consultation, you will receive a customized surgical plan to address all of your concerns and to ensure that your results are transformative.

How do I plan my High definition liposuction surgery?

High Definition liposuction requires a commitment to your HD liposuction specialist. The surgery does require general anesthesia and thus a brief 2 to 3 days of assisted care will be required; this means a responsible adult that can hang out with you until the effects of anesthesia have resolved. In addition, patients are required to undergo an aggressive 10 day course of lymphatic messaging that requires a driver to bring you to the office.

How do I prepare for Hi Def Lipo?

Several measures are critical to preparing for your Hi Def Lipo procedure. The first requires optimizing your nutrition. This will require intake of 150 grams of protein daily. In order to achieve this, protein shakes may be considered between meals. In addition, patients are asked to avoid all foods/supplements/vitamins that contain blood thinners. This includes all Aspirin products as well fish oil/omega-3 fatty acids/Ginko Boloba. Finally, ANY and ALL smoking must be stopped to eliminate Nicotine from your body; this includes avoiding vaporizers, gums, and patches. All of the above measures must be initiated at least one month prior to surgery.

What results can I expect after HD Liposuction?

HD liposuction provides prospective patients the opportunity to attain "jaw dropping" contouring results. Patients will appreciate circumferential contouring results that will impress ALL onlookers. For men, it will mean chiseled abdominal muscles, bold armour plate chest, and elimination of love handles resulting in a "V" shaped back. For women, they will have lean abdominal contour, an exaggerated waistline curve, and exaggerated lower back and buttocks differential.

Where will my HD Liposuction be performed?

Your HD liposuction will be performed at one of our accredited surgery centers. Since the fat is removed comprehensively it requires scraping of the fat off of the muscles which can be painful if awake. As such, patients are provided general anesthesia to alleviate any pain in an accredited state of the art surgical center.

What type of anesthesia will be used for my HD Liposuction?

Your HD liposuction will be performed while you are comfortable under general anesthesia. General anesthesia is recommended to patients since etching of your underlying muscles can be painful. This is because the sensory nerves (which produce a pain signal) are at their highest density in the muscle layers.

What should I expect after HD Liposuction?

When you wake up from surgery, you will find yourself wrapped in a customized compression garment with a foam in-lay. This foam will not only minimize pain but also limit swelling and bruising in the treated areas. You will be expected to wear this garment for a minimum of two weeks.

When will I be able to return to work following post HD Liposuction?

Patients who undergo HD liposuction will return to work between 10 days and 2 weeks following surgery depending on your pain tolerance. When only Vaser liposuction is performed, patients may return to work as early as 10 days following surgery and be at the gym working out at 2 weeks. If a tucking procedure is required to supplement skin tightening, patients are recommended to delay their return to work date to 2 - 3 weeks and return to the gym date to 3 - 4 weeks.

Patient Specific Questions:

When should High Definition liposuction be performed?

Patients who desire improvement of their body contour are excellent candidates for high definition liposuction. Regardless of your start point, you should expect to have transformative improvement of your contour. Patients are asked to have their surgery when they are at their comfort weight. The comfort weight is the weight that you are comfortable maintaining as part of your normal lifestyle. This will ensure that the changes provided by high definition liposuction will be stable for the rest of your life.

How do you know when high definition liposuction patients need to undergo a skin tightening procedure?

Patients who undergo comprehensive fat removal with VASER liposuction have the potential to be left with redundant skin (think of an orange that has its pulp removed). The redundant skin can be quite extensive and may create unsightly contour irregularities (think of a sharpe dog). This redundant skin may have the capacity to resorb itself if it still maintains its “recoil” protein called elastin. Unfortunately, after the age of 40 years of age, the elastin protein is lost from the skin resulting in non-elastic and non-resorbable skin. For those under 40 years of age and those who are patient, the redundant skin will tighten back down over several years. For those patients older than 40 years of age, a skin reduction procedure performed at the time of the Vaser liposuction is advocated

Do patients need to be monitored by a nurse overnight following high definition liposuction surgery?

Patients undergoing high definition liposuction surgery are evaluated much in the same manner as other surgical patients. If patients are undergoing extensive surgeries lasting longer than six hours or if they have comorbidities they are more inclined to require more aggressive medical care. Measures requiring nursing care become mandatory if patients have high volume liposuction greater than 5 L of infiltration/aspiration. This is because high volumes of liposuction infiltration and aspiration increase risk of lidocaine toxicity as well as fluid shifts form the vasculature causing hypotensive epidodes. As such, all tumescent solution used in high volume liposuction are made with ½ the lidocaine dose when compared to traditional liposuction thus minimizing risk of lidocaine toxicity. In addition, aggressive IV hydration is utilized to counter any fluid shifts thus avoiding hypotensive episodes. Another consideration includes the body mass index (BMI), a parameter that measures the degree the patient is overweight. When the BMI is greater than 33, the patient is considered a high risk candidate and recommended to spend the night with one of our registered nurses. Finally, patients are monitored in the postoperative setting and if they display hypotensive episodes, desaturation of their oxygenation, or have pain out of proportion to that expected, arrangements are made for nursing care.

Can the fat come back after surgery?

One of the greatest benefits of high definition liposuction using Vaser technology is that the fat is removed comprehensively. This means that patients are protected from weight gain in the areas treated as there are no fat cells left. When circumferential Vaser liposuction is performed to remove fat from all problem areas, this has a universally protective effect against volume gain even with increase patient weight. Instead, the gained weight is diffusely gained everywhere thus protecting you from looking fat.  Despite its protective effect, patients are expected to maintain their weight. In fact, we have observed that our post high definition liposuction patients are more motivated to work out and live a healthy lifestyle since they look and feel more confident.

Is there a limit to the number of areas that can be treated with HD liposuction?

For patients undergoing HD liposuction surgery, there is a safety time limit of 6 hours and a volume of infiltration limit of 5 Liters within which surgeries should be completed. As such, it is important to prioritize the regions such that problem areas may be treated in an optimal and expedited manner without going over the above safe parameters. Most patients are able to complete circumferential HD liposuction procedures under the above safety parameters. Infrequently, the HD liposuction procedure must be completed in two sessions usually combined with need to first have significant skin reduction, such as a Total Body Lift. Total body lift may comprise any and all of: extended tummy tuck, breast lift with or without an implant, medial thigh tuck, upper arm tuck,  and lower body lift (lateral thigh tuck). As early as 3 months following the tucking procedures above, patients can return to undergo comprehensive fat removal using Vaser technology


Dr. Mowlavi is a Surgical Angel!

Dr. Mowlavi is an absolute professional! I had previously undergone a double mastectomy due to my cancer. He fixed my previous botched procedure and gave me the results I needed and has truly effected my life in a positive way. He was extremely personable and showed the upmost care in my procedure. He was there every step of the way and truly cares for each patient. The post-care has been amazing and the entire staff has made the procedure extremely stress-free. I highly recommend Dr. Mowlavi and his staff to everyone.

Dr. Mowlavi is an Artist

Dr Mowlavi was amazing. He was precise and his work was like ART! The entire staff was great. Post-operative care was incredible. The massages were crucial and Dr. Mowlavi's High definition liposuction protocol was extremely detail oriented and lead to some amazing results!

My body is sculpted now

I really appreciate and love Dr. Mowlavi, James, and Monica, and his whole team. He does excellent work and definitely knows what he is doing surgically, he is an artist. He really made me comfortable in the whole process and I feel sculpted now . My body feels so great and I cannot thank you enough De. Mowlavi! His high definition liposuction has changed my life and I would not go to anyone else. This is my second surgery and I am so happy with my results.

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