Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost

brazilian buttock lift surgery before and after
33-year-old female with VASER liposuction of the back, thighs, and BBL. Lipo fat transfer makes the BBL look natural
BBL with lipo
33-year-old female VASER liposuction of the back, thighs, and BBL
Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost
33-year-old female VASER liposuction of the back, thighs, and BBL. Note the lift and beautiful curve of the buttocks after BBL with fat transfer

Brazilian buttock lift cost is determined by the length of surgery required to complete the harvesting of fat and not by a transfer of fat back into your buttocks. The reason for this is that the liposuction portion of the surgery consumes 95 to 99 % of the operative time.

As such, we recommend that you consider a skype or facetime consultation with Dr. Mirzania, to determine your Brazilian buttock lift cost. Dr. Mirzania sets aside several convenient hours including evening hours two days a week to accommodate working patients and international patients who are desiring a virtual consultation.

Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost Consultation

If you desire an accurate cost estimate all you have to is complete a virtual consultation from the comfort of your own home or office. Once Dr. Mirzania has had the opportunity to evaluate how much contouring you require and to complete a short history of your prior liposuction procedures his patient coordinator will provide you a breakdown of all of the fees.

Next, we will email/text a lift cost fee sheet to you which will be all-encompassing include all operative and postoperative lymphatic massage costs.

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