Scarless skin tightening with Renuvion

Scarless skin tightening with Renuvion front view
34-year-old male following his High Definition Liposuction procedure with scarless skin tightening with renuvion.
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This 33-year-old male underwent scarless skin tightening with Renuvion and VASER on arms.

Scarless skin tightening has revolutionized the cosmetic surgery body contouring world. Scarless skin tightening has been made possible through a process called subdermal coagulation that describes the contraction of collagen molecules located in the deeper skin layer as well as underlying fibroseptal network(tissues that create a net-like web made of collagen that help keep the skin integrity).

Renuvion is a groundbreaking tool that provides for subdermal coagulation by combining the energies of Helium activated plasma and radiofrequency. In fact, Renuvion subdermal coagulation now provides us an alternative to traditional skin tightening modality of skin excision. This is a groundbreaking technology because it allows for avoidance of surgical incision lines and prolonged recovery times associated with excisional surgery. 

Expanding our Patient Population

Several patient populations that were previously not candidates for skin excision can now be considered as clients. The first group includes older patients who do not want to undergo invasive surgeries such as aggressive excisional surgeries that may require general anesthesia.

These patients also do not wish to endure prolonged recovery periods associated with invasive surgeries. This is because older patients are frailer in health and their healing potential and thus want to avoid unnecessary complications. The second group includes both younger patients and male patients who do not wish to have the stigma of an incision line. Younger patients may not be prepared to have others know that they had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Similarly, male patients have traditionally been more reserved and not been as open with having undergone cosmetic surgery. This is evident by the fact that our patient population has been comprised of 90 % females and only 10 % males. In addition, both groups are typically in the workforce and don’t have the luxury for prolonged recovery times. These patients are now able to take advantage of cosmetic surgeries requiring scarless skin tightening with Renuvion that were previously not good candidates. 

Scarless skin tightening Integral to High Definition Liposuction Outcomes

What is high definition liposuction? High definition liposuction is defined by jaw-dropping results that are achieved by performing body sculpting in a 360-degree manner in order to achieve a near-perfect 9 or 10 body. The high definition of body liposuction requires the comprehensive removal of fat. When fat is removed to this extent, skin redundancy becomes a real concern.

As such, the ability to tighten the skin becomes integral to achieving high definition outcomes. A high definition liposuction body scale was designed to optimize surgical algorithms required to achieve high definition liposuction results. This body scale grades patients with a patient score ranging from 2 to 10. This score is based on the degree of excess fat, the amount of skin redundancy, and skin texture changes. It has been found that patients with a score between 5 to 7 can benefit from simultaneous liposuction and Renuvious subdermal skin tightening.

Scarless skin tightening and Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH)

Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) describes the non-intuitive growth of fat cells in areas treated with cryolipolysis to treat patients with regions of excess fat. Cryolipolysis acts to freeze and kill the fat cells that are closest to the cryo paddles laid on your skin. As such, the superficial fat is preferentially killed since it is closed to the cooling paddles and subsequently reabsorbed by your body. Unfortunately, with weight gain following cryolipolysis treatments, bulging deformities have become common in the area of prior treatment, now termed PAH.

It has been observed that the deep fat underlying areas that have lost the superficial fat are prone to faster growth than adjacent areas where the deep fat has retained its superficial fat covering. It has been speculated that void of pressure-induced apoptosis by virtue of having had the superficial fat removed, has resulted in fat cells in this area to grow preferentially. In patients who have experienced PAH, the resulting contour irregularities have been devastating.

The areas defined by PAH demonstrate increased scarring and hypertrophic deep fat cells as well as skin redundancy created by stretching out and pressure-induced on skin cells. Treatment for PAH has been definitive using ultrasound-assisted liposuction that is able to remove all fatty tissues and scar tissue comprehensively. However, aggressive removal of fat will result in skin redundancy. Fortunately, skin redundancy can now also be eliminated using Renuvion skin tightening in order to avoid excisional surgery. 

Scarless Skin Tightening with Renuvion Conclusion

The ability to tighten skin without incisional surgeries has increased the opportunity for more patients to take advantage of body contouring procedures. These have included older patients who wish to have less aggressive procedures as well as younger patients and male patients who may not want the exposure to surgical incision lines nor have the luxury to have prolonged recovery times. 

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