HD Lipo 360

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HD Lipo 360 describes a fusion of three components that include 1)high definition body contouring, 2)fat removal via liposuction, and 3)360 degrees or circumferential sculpting in scope. When all three components have been met then HD Lipo 360 will create a magical body sculpting result.

HD body contouring

HD stands for high definition and when used in the body contouring arena it refers to the ability to remove fat both comprehensively and selectively. Comprehensive and selective fat removal is required to achieve muscle highlights.

This is because muscle highlights can only be unveiled when the majority of fat can be removed from around the Comprehensive removal of fat from the waist is required to achieve maximal waistline narrowing in order to create exaggerated curves.

Lipo refers to the act of removing fat using liposuction maneuvers. This process involves injecting the fat layers with a special solution called tumescent solution that provides pain relief and limits bleeding by constricting the micro-vessels. Then hollow cannulas are used to rips the solid fat from these layers.

What makes HD Lipo 360 special is that we first use ultrasound energy to cavitate or melt the fat into a single-cell liquid medium. Then we use specialized cannulas to siphon out liquid fat rather than pierce it out. This process of liposuction allows for comprehensive and selective superficial fat removal that is quintessential to achieving high definition body contouring results.

360 refers to the act of removing fat and contouring the body in 360 degree or circumferential fashion. What makes 360-degree body contouring special is two-fold. First, you will look optimally contoured from all angles. This means that you can wear your two-piece bikini next time you are on vacation and know that you will look fabulous from all angles.

The second is that HD Lipo 360 allow for maximal redraping of the skin. Skin redraping is inherent to ultrasound-assisted liposuction that allows for the removal of fat from both the superficial and deep layers of fat. Fat acts like an absorption cushion and when removed allows the skin to muscle cables to contract causing the skin to retract up into the muscles.

What is special about HD Lipo 360 is that when the skin is mobilized circumferentially it is able to retract up significantly more effectively than if only a single side such as the front or back is liposuctioned instead of the circumferential fat.

HD Lipo 360 in Summary

In summary HD lipo 360 will achieve stunning results that are indicative of high definition body contouring results. If you are interested in considering HD lipo 360 you should make a complimentary consultation at our specialty body contouring center.

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