Brazilian buttock augmentation cost

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As I counsel all of my patients, we do not charge for the actual Brazillian buttock augmentation or lift but rather for the time required to harvest or collect the fat. The reason for this cost basis is that we charge based on operative time. When it comes to Brazilian buttock augmentation cost, this is most affected by the 1 to 4 hour required to liposuction the fat and less by the 10 minutes required to injected the fat into the buttocks. The 1 to 4 hours range is determined by the number of areas requiring liposuction and they can include the following: arms, neck, lateral chest, abdomen, flanks, pubic region, upper back, middle back, lower back, lateral thighs, and medial thighs. In addition, liposuction times are increased if body size is generous and/or if there has been a history of liposuction. In fact, prior liposuction creates scar tissue that is harder to remove and fat cells that are not as viable as fat cells that are retrieved from areas previously not liposuctioned.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Mowlavi, you will have the opportunity to point out the areas previously liposuctioned and areas not treated with liposuction so that we can ensure good viability of fat cells collected for the fat transfer. One of the advantages of our Brazilian Buttock lift protocols is that we use a closed loop system for fat transfer which has several advantages including: minimizing exposure to the environment which will reduce risk of contamination and infection and minimizing operative times. Operative time for fat injection which normally takes one hour for an average 600 to 800cc fat transfer per buttock cheek are reduced to 10 minutes! Moreover, we believe that minimizing out of body times for the fat cells also results in improved graft take as observed by our Brazilian buttock augmentation lift patient outcomes.


Please meet our 38-year-old female patient was able to take advantage of our closed loop buttock fat transfer with buttock volume augmentation maintained at one year following surgery. We believe that the Brazilian buttock augmentation cost savings are a tremendous attribute of the closed loop Brazilian buttock lift protocol.

Brazilian buttock augmentation cost     Brazilian buttock augmentation cost


A 38-year-old female following high definition liposuction of the abdomen, back and flanks.