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Please find this 33-year-old male who underwent successful male back liposuction to achieve a masculine back appearance.

Male back liposuction requires intimate knowledge of the ideal back aesthetics. The ideal male back contour is described by the shape of the letter “V”. The “V” is created by the bulk of the latissimus muscle which extends from the upper arm bone, called the humerus laterally and down to the midline lower spine. The “V” outline is literally created by the lateral edge of the muscle. As a result, lateral upper and middle back liposuction is avoided in order to preserve the bulk of the back. In contrast, the lower back and flanks are cored out to create the narrowing at the bottom of the V. For liposuction fanatics who follow high definition liposuction nomenclature, this means removing all of the fat from the negative green zone and transition zone. 

There are some more subtleties to the male back liposuction that involve creating the upper midline contours relating to the trapezius muscle. The trapezius is a pair of muscle bellies that extend down from the bottom of the skull bone laterally to the scapula bone and then converge back down to the lower spine. The space between the two muscle bellies does form a negative space that can be contoured creating a kite-shaped highlight. In general, etching of this space is more subtle and only attempted in male patients with generous trapezius muscles, such as in bodybuilders.

The final male liposuction back contour nuance involves contouring of the lower back and upper buttocks junction. This region must create a shelf like a contour with a generous upper lateral buttock prominence that is juxtaposed against a cored-out lower back and flank region. The reason for this is not only aesthetic but also functional as it allows pants and/or jeans to be worn so that it doesn’t fall off your waistline.

In summary, male back liposuction requires attention to male gender desires, aesthetics, and functionality.

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