Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is dedicated to improving the appearance of your breast mound size, shape, and positioning. Breast size can change as you grow older and is affected by weight gain or loss, or breast feeding following pregnancy. Breast shape can also change with time especially if you have had implants in for a long time or if you favored one breast over another during breastfeeding. Breast shape deformity or asymmetry can also due to genetic causes or embryologic developmental difficulties, termed congenital breast deformity. Finally, breast mound position can be compromised as the breasts undergo drooping with time due to the dire effects of gravitational force. Various breast surgery procedures have been designed to address the undesirable changes observed in the breasts and  include:

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, involves the use of breast implants or fat grafting to achieve an increase in the size of the breast mound for improved aesthetic appeal. This is a procedure that increases breast volume if your were not well endowed with well proportioned breasts or if you have observed loss of breast volume with age or following pregnancy and breast feeding. Breast augmentation will improve breast projection and fullness. Either breast implants and/or fat transfer to the breasts will add fullness and volume to the breasts, improving overall breast and body proportions and harmony.

Breast augmentation revision

Dissatisfaction following botched breast surgery or desire to repair augmented breasts that have undergone changes over time are excellent indications for breast augmentation revision. Immediate breast deformities can be caused by implant malposition or early capsular contracture. Delayed breast deformities can involve delayed capsular contraction, implant rupture, or breast mound or nipple and areola drooping. Patients who desire breast augmentation revision surgery may also consider improvement of their nipple-areolar complex (NAC) shape or size, correction of any breast mound asymmetry, or just replacement of their aging implant(s).

Breast lift

A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that the reverses the appearance of sagging breasts and drooping nipple and areola complexes. Elevating the breasts also changes the shape, size, and contour of the breasts. This procedure is performed by removing the sagging breast skin, tightening the surrounding breast tissue, and supporting the newly raised breasts like a bra. Rejuvenating the breasts and creating a more youthful contoured breast aesthetic are the goals of a breast lift.

Breast lift with implants

A breast lift with implants, also known as an augmentation mastopexy, combines a breast lift with implant augmentation. This elected breast surgery will not only improve contour, breast mound position, but also the breast mound volume, accentuating the uplifted shape of breasts that are drooping and deflated. Breast shape, position and fullness can be achieved by restoring the youthful perkiness and volume simultaneously. The most common feedback from patients undergoing a simultaneous breast lift with implants is that they notice upper pole fullness that is not possible with a breast lift alone.

Mommy makeover

A mommy makeover encompasses a multitude of procedures to tighten and tone the body post-pregnancy. Breast augmentation is an attractive and desired breast surgery for women who want to have their breasts full again. A tummy tuck will address the post pregnancy changes in the abdominal region and provide tightening of the abdominal muscles, narrowing of the waist, and elimination of unsightly and redundant skin. Finally, back, buttocks, and thigh contouring can be performed to improve the circumferential appearance of your entire body.

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the rebuilding of the breast tissue and appearance following breast cancer surgeries after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Initial breast reconstruction usually falls under two categories: implant based reconstruction or autologous flap reconstruction. Subsequent procedure may require nipple and areola reconstruction or autologous fat transfer to complete your reconstruction. The type of reconstruction completed depends on an examination of the patient’s body type, breast aesthetic expectations, and limitations dictated by nuances of the breast cancer surgery.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is a breast surgery to reduce the size of the breasts. Breast reduction is done in cases where women have excessively large breasts that sag and cause chronic pain to the upper back, neck, and shoulders. When this pain affects daily routine and work obligations and is not alleviated with taking of anti-inflammatory medications and supportive bras, medical insurance may assist with compensation for this procedure. This procedure leads to not only smaller breasts that alleviate pain but also lifted and firmer breasts, creating a more youthful appearance.

Breast fat grafting

Fat grafting, also known autologous fat transfer, is emerging as a recent advancement in breast reconstruction technique. This technique is more advantageous than traditional implant techniques in that it uses your own body fat and has a more natural feel than traditional implants.  Fat is obtained through liposuction, usually from the abdomen, back, and thighs, and injected back into the breasts for added volume. The current limitation of this breast surgery includes the need for multiple surgical procedures since the breasts can only accommodate a limited amount of fat volume transfer at each session.

Male Breast Surgery

Male breast surgery may be done in order to de-feminize the male chest in cases of gynecomastia. This breast surgery removes excess fat and glandular tissue to create a more masculine appearing chest and to flatten the chest. Cases of male breast surgery arising from gynecomastia typically occur in overweight male patients, male patients displaying hormonal imbalance, or if they partake in smoking of marijuana.

Gender Confirmation breast surgery

Gender Confirmation breast Surgery, also known as Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) involves breast surgery procedure that alter a client’s breast appearance to align with his/her identified gender preference. For feminization of the breast augmentation using implants is utilized. For masculinization of the chest, a modified wedge excision of the breast mound is utilized.

If you have been considering breast surgery, we encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary consultation to meet Dr. Mowlavi. Dr. Mowlavi is well regarded for his breast surgery outcomes and operates on celebrities and international patients routinely. If you desire enlargement of your breasts, breast augmentation surgery can be performed for you using saline implants, silicone implants, or even your own fat. If you have noticed breast drooping, you might be a candidate for a breast lift. If you have noticed both deflation and drooping of your breasts, then you might be a candidate for Dr. Mowlavi's simultaneous breast lift and implant placement. Patient's desiring mommy makeover, will benefit from simultaneous correction of the breasts and body. Interestingly, patients desiring reduction in their breast, i.e. breast reduction, might benefit obtaining medical insurance coverage for their surgery. Dr. Mowlavi also is passionate about helping patients reconstruct their breasts following breast cancer surgeries. Male breast surgery may involve either a gynecomastia repair or chest wall masculinization using our optimized chest appearance protocol. Finally, if you are interested in gender confirmation or reassignment surgery, Dr. Mowlavi is well versed in both female to male and male to female conversion surgeries.

If you are considering breast surgery, we encourage you to complete a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi so that you can be educated regarding the most effective surgical plan to achieve your breast goals.


Absolutely amazing

My experience with Dr. Mowlavi has been absolutely amazing. I was nervous walking in, knowing I would have to be assessed for my breast augmentation but as soon as he walked in all nerves went out the door. He connects with you and makes you feel very comfortable. We went over everything in such detail. He leaves no questions unanswered. After the procedure at each check up, he made sure I was following instructions so I would get the best results possible. He is proud of his work and he absolutely should be. My confidence has gone up and I am so comfortable in my own skin now. I had planned for years to do this procedure and I'm grateful it took me that long, otherwise I wouldn't have ended up with Dr. Mowlavi. The staff in his office are all amazing as well. They are extremely helpful and always smiling. Thank you Dr. Mowlavi for helping me feel beautiful and confident!

super results great experience

DR mowlavi and his staff were really great. DR mowlavi was nice professional and has a terrific personality he made me feel at ease about my breast augmentation from beginning to end. His practice is top notch no stone went unturned. I love how my breasts look and feel i enjoy them everyday thanks DR mowlavi you are the best.

I had amazing time

Dr mallovi is great smart i love the staff,everyone here is nice . And i love my new boobs. 🙂 Thank u very much dr arian mallovi. And thank u claudia for help me with everything. Thanks alot everyone 🙂

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