Gender Abdominal confirmation surgery

Abdominal gender reassignment surgery may involve male to female or female to male abdominal identification changes. A feminine appearing abdomen should possess a lean and long torso with a narrowed waistline and curvy borders. The main goal is to create a feminine silhouette that is best characterized by the "Tilde = ~ " curve by maximally narrowing the waistline but having more generous hip/buttocks and breast width. In contrast, the male abdomen should appear more square in appearance with straighter borders with more defined and masculine appearing muscles such as a six-pack.

Vaser liposuction is critical to completing both genders' abdominal reassignment surgeries. To create gender identification conversions, detailed knowledge of muscle anatomy is required. Specifically, your surgeon has to have a clear appreciation of the gender-specific physical attributes. Finally, your surgeon has to possess an artistic eye so that he/she can create gender conversion transformations he is envisioning for you. Using VASER allows your surgeon to literally sculpt the changes he/she has designed in order to achieve abdominal reassignment surgery goals.


Gender abdominal reassignment surgery includes changing the gender identification appearance of the abdomen.


2.5 hours of surgery is required for the female to male gender abdomen reassignment surgery; 1.5 hours for the male to female gender confirmation surgery.


General anesthesia.

Place of Treatment

Outpatient surgical suite or hospital operating room.

Side Effects

Contour irregularities. Due to the drastic change in contour that is required to alter a patient's gender conversion appearance, minimal contour irregularities are more frequent than routine contouring surgeries For example, when etching of your underlying muscles, if you are trying to masculinize your abdomen, can be very complicated. This is because females are naturally born with four rectus muscle bellies, i.e. 4 packs, and your surgeon will be literally trying to recreate a 6 muscle belly, i.e. six-pack to make your female abdomen look like a male.


Skin compromise following gender abdomen reassignment surgery may occur since a combination of excisional surgery as well as debulking liposuction may be required to alter the female to male gender abdomen appearance. When a combination of excisional and lipectomy procedures are used, the risk of vascular compromise is heightened. In female to male abdominal transformations, skin compromise may occur if a large amount of abdominal fat is removed in order to maximally chisel the muscles.


The recovery for gender abdomen reassignment surgery is approximately 1 to 2 weeks for the return to routine daily activities. In general, gender abdomen reassignment surgery patients may return to full physical activity with no limitation by 1 month following surgery.

Duration of Results

Patients are universally pleased with gender abdomen reassignment surgery results as the abdomen contouring transformations are dramatic and permanent. Due to the dramatic change in female to male and male to female abdominal contouring, results will be apparent immediately, then generalized swelling becomes apparent until 1 month after which swelling subsides through three months; patients will typically realize their full potential at the 6-month mark.


Gender abdominal reassignment surgery involves a customized surgical plan intended to convert your abdomen appearance to your gender preference. Gender abdomen alteration may involve transformation from a male to a female or a female to a male abdomen contour.  The goals of a male to female abdomen transformation involve creating an ideal female silhouette (Tilde curve) by using VASER liposuction to narrow the waistline. The vertical highlights of the female abdomen are made more pronounced in order to create the illusion of a longer torso appearance. The female to male abdomen transformation requires abdominal etching protocol with VASER liposuction to masculinize the abdomen by accentuating the muscular anatomy of the abdomen. 

Any and all patients who desire gender reidentification may be excellent candidates for gender abdomen confirmation surgery. Most patients seeking gender abdominal alteration surgery typically couple it with other gender reidentification procedures such as change of breast gender appearance. Patients desiring abdominal confirmation surgery have typically undergone extensive counseling and are well on their way to gender reassignment. 

Gender abdomen confirmation surgery requires a commitment to postoperative recovery. Since general anesthesia is required, 1 to 2 days of assistance by a responsible adult to ensure that the effects of anesthesia resolve are mandatory. Patients should also get generalized help around the house if heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling is expected. Remember that Vaser liposuction does also require a 10-day postoperative regimen where daily lymphatic messages are provided at the office.

Whether you are undergoing male to female or female to male abdomen transformation, this is major surgery and requires optimization of your healing potential.  Patients are asked to maximize their daily protein intake by consuming 150grams of protein daily. Patients are also advised to avoid any blood thinners. Finally, ALL smoking must be stopped at least one month prior to surgery to optimize healing of skin incisions and minimize the risk of infection

Gender abdominal confirmation surgery involves the creation of dramatic changes in contour that portray the change of a female to a male abdomen or male to female abdomen. Female to male abdominal changes will demonstrate a transformation from a more feminized rounder appearance to a more square and chiseled appearance.  in contrast, male to female breast changes will demonstrate a transformation of their square abdominal contour to a more curvy, narrowed waistline, and softer appearance. 

Your gender abdominal confirmation surgery will be performed at one of our accredited surgery centers. Due to the invasive nature of the surgery, patients require general anesthesia

Your gender abdominal confirmation surgery will be performed while under general anesthesia. General anesthesia is recommended to you since abdominal surgery involving Vaser liposuction and potential tucking procedures involves surgical incisions.

When you wake up from surgery, you will find your abdomen wrapped with a customized compression garment lined with foam in-lay. This specialized dressing and compression will help prevent swelling and bruising in the early postoperative period. After two weeks, you will be allowed to remove your compression dressings which may result in some rebound swelling. However, you will also be urged to return to physical activity that should counter your swelling.

Patients who undergo gender abdominal confirmation surgery will require 1 week to return to routine daily activities. Patients are allowed to participate in below the waist workouts at 2 weeks but will have to wait a full month before being allowed to perform all physical activities without any limitations.


Gender abdominal reassignment surgery cost depends on gender conversion desired. For a male to female conversion, waistline narrowing is required which takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. The cost of male to female gender abdominal confirmation surgery is approximately 10,000$. For a female to male conversions, abdominal etching is required which takes approximately 2.5 hours to perform. The cost of female to male gender abdominal confirmation surgery is approximately 14,000$.

Traditionally, we used to remove the lowest floating rib in an attempt to maximize waistline narrowing. With the advent of Vaser liposuction, waistline narrowing is maximized with comprehensive removal of fat from the lower back and flank region as well as the abdominal waist region, avoiding the need for rib removal.

Whether you are converting from a male to female or female to male, you will have comprehensive removal of fat using Vaser technology. As such, the results are permanent since minimal fat is left behind. This means that even if you gain weight, you will not gain it in the areas treated. As such, the results of this surgery are permanent.

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