Free BBL When You Have HD Lipo 360

When we do a Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL today, most of the time is spent removing the fat from areas you don’t want. The time to place it in your buttocks is now minutes. A few years ago, it took hours. So, getting your BBL for “free” is only fair.


Interviewer: I have an opportunity to ask you a question that’s, I think, on everybody’s mind. But what’s a free BBL? I see the posts on Instagram, and I think people are asking, “What is a free BBL?”

Our Surgical Team:

Well, that’s a great question. So, what is a free BBL? I want to talk to you about the fact that this is not a gimmick, and I want to explain to the audience what we’re talking about. What we’re really talking about is some of the advances that we’ve made, particularly in BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift, but like augmentation using your own fat. That has allowed us to provide a free BBL.

So let’s back up a little bit and talk about what all this means, what it entails, and why we’re able to provide a free BBL. To do BBLs, a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you need to transfer the fat from the rest of your body into your buttock area to improve the aesthetics, harmony, and proportions of the back and front and the female silhouette back into the buttocks. Now, here’s why we can provide a free BBL. It has to do with the fact that the arduous process of completing a Brazilian Butt Lift really does not have to be putting the fat back into the butt as it traditionally was. Today, we’re focused on removing the fat for the greater extent of the surgery. That goes back to the principles of high-definition liposuction and how we remove the fat, and I know that’s another topic altogether that we can maybe discuss at another meeting, but 90% of our surgical time is spent removing the fat, sculpting your body.

The portion of the surgery that involves putting the fat back into the buttock now, because of the improvement and the advances that we’ve done, is limited and minimal, and nominal, and so I actually don’t feel that I can ethically charge an enormous amount of money for. What I’m talking about is someone who comes to me and says, “Okay, Our Surgical Team, fix my body. Make it stunning. But you know what, I want to skip on the BBL part, and how much cheaper will the surgery be?” That’s what I want to get to. Some of the advances that we’ve made in our center have allowed us to minimize the operative plan required to put the fat back in.

So as a result, I am offering those savings to our audience and our clients. So, let’s get into this. As I’ve stated already, traditionally, fat grafting will take one to two to two-and-a-half hours because what we would do is we would collect all this, and then we would process the fat. You have to process the fat and get the solution out of it. You have to wash it, clean it. You have to anti-microbial it so you don’t get an infection. Then what we would literally do, is take the fat and fill these little syringes, as much as 50 syringes worth, and then mechanically and systematically inject the fat back into the buttock. We’ve eliminated all of those steps.

What we do now, and it’s a proprietary technique, is called the closed-loop system. What this means is when we collect the fat. We take it into a sterile canister that I’ve created, and it’s sterile. Traditionally we would empty that canister into these sieves literally, in the open exposed air wash them and clean them, and then fill them into those syringes I was talking about. What we do know is this closed canister that is not exposed to the air. So number one, there’s no risk of infection because we’re not emptying it out. Then we are able to wash it with the antibiotic solution right into the canister using a closed nozzle system. Then, we’re able to remove all the liquid and decant it. This same tubing, we get the fat back into the canister, and we’re able to use that same tubing to then inject it right back in.

It’s called the closed-loop system. It offers several advantages that I want to cover with the audience today. Number one is it’s not exposed to air, so we don’t have to worry about contamination. Number two is quick, meaning I don’t have to wash, take out, and expose the fat, and then fill these little syringes. I literally use the same tubing into the same canister, and then I, literally, believe it or not, reverse the tubing flow and then the fat goes right back in. What does this mean for our audience? It means that I’m able to get the fat back in your buttock area within 5 to 10 minutes; 5 to 10 minutes versus the old way, which was one to two hours. So, if a system will allow me to minimize the operative time, I feel obligated to give that saving to my patients. Thus, free BBL.

So one of the main advances that we’ve been able to do at our center is we’ve been able to minimize the operative time to get the fat back in. As a result, I’m offering free BBL. But the second thing I want to talk to you about today, if I may, is the advances in aesthetics and the outcome and results. So here’s how it happens. Number one, because we’re minimizing the out-of-body time for the fat, that’s again the time it would take for us to get the fat out process it get it ready, and then inject it back in. We’ve minimized that from two hours, potentially, depending on the volume of fat, to 10 to 15 minutes. That doesn’t just save me time, but it actually saves the fat cells because now they’re out of the body.

The analogy I use for my patients, it’s like a fish out of water. Once you pull the fish out of the water, it starts suffocating, it starts dying. The same thing happens with fat. When I pull that fat out of the body, it’s on suffocation time, and so we want to get that fat right back in. I feel that we’ve improved our fat viability, meaning fat survivability by minimizing the out-of-body time. So, the closed-loop system also affects our out-of-body time, and I think it’s improved our fat viability. What does that mean? That means your overall outcome.

I read online all the time, about patients saying, “Oh, Our Surgical Team, you know what? I’ve read it. Tell me the truth that at six months, I’m only going to keep about 60% of my volume that I see when I’m first done.” That is not true anymore. One of the reasons is that we minimize out-of-body time. So, our take rate is about 90 plus percent. What does that mean? It’s what you see after surgery is what you get. It’s what you’re going to keep and what’s permanent. We’ve been doing fat grafting for well over five years and my patients retain their volume.

Now, the second reason they’re retaining their volume, is because we use a fat harvesting process using ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction allows us to remove these fat cells gently. What I’m talking about is a differentiation of what we do with what many other guys do, which is traditional liposuction. When you do traditional liposuction, you’re ramming your cannula, that hollow bore tubing that pulls a fat up. You’re ramming it or piercing it through the fat. The fat is semi-solid naturally. But what we do with ultrasound-assisted liposuction is we actually … It’s a process called cavitation or melting the fat.

A Free BBL is only fair

So, in the first half of surgery, we’re softening all of your fat with a process called ultrasound-assisted liposuction. The energy of the ultrasound literally tickles the little fat clusters into single cells so they can be easily siphoned off. We’re removing liquid fat. We’re no longer piercing through solid fat. What does that mean for our patients is that the fat cells don’t get nicked? If you nick a fat cell by reaming it, the cell membrane is what I’m talking about, the shell of the cell. If you nick it, it’s likely that it’s going to die. It’s not going to make it through that transplant process. So not only are we minimizing operative time, but we have a gentle technique of removing the fat cells in single-cell fashion, in a liquid fashion, where we’re just siphoning them off gently. So, being able to improve fat viability includes minimizing operative time making sure the fat cells aren’t injured in the process of removal, harvesting, processing, and then injection.

The final thing I want my audience to know is that when we inject it through the closed-loop system, it’s a gentler process because the pressures that are induced on the fat cells are uniform. The retrograde of the fat cells, in comparison to the old technique where we use syringes, there’ll be a lot bigger differential in the pressure that we induce on the fat cells. So all of these processes now go into not only A, improving outcomes, but B, minimizing operative time. All of these things I can now offer to my patients as a free BBL when they do Lipo 360.


Wow. I have to tell you that I learned a lot. I’ve been hanging around you for quite a while, and I’ve been listening to stuff, but it’s so impressive what you’re describing. I mean, I think it’s something that everybody needs to hear if they’re considering any body plastic surgery. So thank you.

Our Surgical Team:

If I may, I also wanted to explain to the audience why I feel comfortable offering free BBL. Anytime you do a procedure, there are risks involved. You have to perform; you have to have outcomes. So if you’re going to give something away, you got to be damn sure that you’re going to get the results. The second component of this, is that we deliver. The reason we deliver is not only because of the efficacy and the efficiency of our technique but we actually also deliver with regards to perception. Patients have different perceptions about what their butts should look like. At our center, we do a lot of revisions. We probably do one to two buttock revisions a week. Some of the revisions I get are from very premiere buttock providers that do butts all the time.

So one of the things that I’ve realized is that there’s a miscommunication between what the patients desire and what they perceive as the aesthetic goal for them and what they are delivered. So this led us and prompted us to create the buttock assessment tool. Now, this tool is absolutely marvelous, and I can share with you that … I am a trainer for buttock augmentation for many surgeons across the country. So as I worked with them, I realized that there’s a disconnect between what the patients were desiring and what I, as a provider, was delivering. So now we have this thing called the buttock assessment tool, and it allows patients to very accurately convey to me the exact butt they want from both size and a shape proportion. They can tell me exactly that, but they want.

Free BBL and the Buttock Assessment Tool

So let me just talk to you about the specifics of the buttock assessment tool, and you can actually find this on our homepage in our websites throughout, and use it. Even if you don’t come to me, you can use the buttock assessment tool. But what it goes through is a caricature design of all the little buttock size and shape permutations that you might think of, and literally it allows you to hone in on the exact butt that you want as a patient. We have done a study now and checked demographics. We’ve considered age, ethnicity, and religion, and we’ve actually found statistical significant preferences based on all of these parameters. So it’ll help guide patients that are fearful of not knowing what butt they want. It’ll also guide them to know what their peers, with regards to age and ethnicity and religion, are preferring so that they feel more comfortable with the buttock that they’re choosing.

Our Surgical Team:

At the end of the day, I can teach you that every patient is unique and independent, and every patient’s perception of what they want their butt to look like can be drastically different. Even disregarding the ethnic and religious and age preferences, every patient has something different in their mindset. So what the buttock assessment tool has done is it’s allowed me to deliver the ideal buttock that each patient wants consistently. It allows us to customize and deliver really consistent satisfactory butt shapes and sizes to our patients.

Again, being able to deliver results that the patients are happy with, it allows us to provide the free BBL component to our body sculpting cases.


Awesome. I think we should do a follow-up on the whole buttock assessment tool. I think it’d be a great thing to be able to show people the visuals.

Our Surgical Team:

Sounds great, and I look forward to that. I’d also like to discuss with you, if you have time, how we do the liposuction process, because that, in itself, is another opportunity to discuss the stunning results we’re getting with what we call high definition liposuction body contouring, which we’re pioneering at our center.


I’ve seen the results, and as often as I look at them, I’m always impressed every time I see them. So it’d be great to show that to the audience. Thank you.

Our Surgical Team:

Thank you.

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