Liposuction meaning

liposuction patient 4 front view

Liposuction meaning the removal of fat by the act of suctioning has undergone several advances in the recent years. The prefix lipo is derived from the word lipid which is the medical term for the basic unit of fat. The suffix suction is intuitive and refers to retrieval of the fat cells. Liposuction meaning has most evolved with respect to its retrieval technique. Over the last decade the retrieval technique of liposuction has advanced from retrieval of solid fat to liquid fat. Where as traditional liposuction uses cannulas to rip the fat out of the body, ultrasound assisted liposuction involves emulsifying or melting the fat prior to its retrieval. In fact, where as before we were physically drilling through clusters of fat cells, now we are collecting the liquid fat.


First, the clusters of fat cells are treated with ultrasound energy which makes them literally fall of the vine of tethering ligaments that span across the fatty layers; then a cannula is used to suction out the fat cells much like a vacuum cleaner; this is in contrast to traditional liposuction that acts like a piercing rod. Vaser is the brand name of the ultrasound technology that allows for melting of the fat prior to retrieval. Vaser liposuction allows has single handedly advanced the art of liposuction allowing proficient surgeons to literally sculpt your body.


Liposuction meaning has advanced over the last decade to describe not just moderate reduction in volume from a problem spot but actual  sculpting of patients’ bodies resulting in jaw dropping transformations. This 37 year old female demonstrates high definition liposuction of the abdomen, back, flanks, lateral and medial thighs, as well as a mini tummy tuck



Liposuction meaning


A 37-year-old female following high definition liposuction of the medial thighs, abdomen, back, flanks, lateral
thighs, and a mini tummy tuck