Fat Transfer Prices

Being that the cost of cosmetic treatments is often a concern of patients, we feel it is helpful to outline the breakdown of our fat transfer prices. To put it simply, the amount of liposuction required for the desired results determines the price of the fat transfer procedure. This is because the act of removing the fat is the most essential and time-consuming process in the fat transfer procedure. The initial act of removing the fat may take several minutes to hours, whereas the grafting itself takes only a matter of minutes. As such, we do not charge for fat grafting, rather the cost covers the process of fat removal. If, for example, your only interest is fat grafting to the face, we can perform the procedure under local anesthesia, thereby eliminating typical anesthesia and operating room fees.

Fat Transfer Prices image Fat Transfer Prices

This is only possible due to the fact that fat grafting to the face requires the removal of approximately 10-22 CCs of fat, a very small amount. Conversely, if you would like a larger area of your body to receive the fat grafting, such as your buttocks, the cost will be higher. This is because the buttocks require approximately 1000 CCs of fat per cheek, an amount of fat that takes anywhere from one to a few hours to remove. In such cases, the price is elevated due to the labor involved. In addition to the cost of removing the fat, we must account for the price of anesthesia. When required, general anesthesia is more costly than local anesthesia, thereby causing a bump in the overall price. Regardless of the amount of fat removed from the body, putting it back into the desired areas is a simple process and is therefore not accounted for in the overall procedural cost. In summary, the fat transfer prices depend on the volume of fat removed and whether or not general anesthesia is required.


Here is a 33-year-old female who chose to have a breast augmentation with fat grafting to her breast after her liposuction procedure. Her breast augmentation was no additional cost to her final surgery price.

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