Tips For Fast Recovery After VASER Liposuction

Tips for fast recovery after VASER liposuction are unique to VASER liposuction requirements. Integral to VASER liposuction is the use of ultrasound energy to cavitate or melt the fat into a liquid state.

This means that the fat throughout your body will no be in a liquid state for approximately 8 to 10 days. As you might assume, anything liquid is very mobile and will tend to accumulate in the most dependent locations. In fact, a few days following surgery, you will find yourself increasing your activity, getting out of your bed, and walking and roaming around.

As you become more upright, all of the liquid fat tends to fill along the most dependent areas; these include the pubic region in the front and over the upper buttock in the back. This is why drains are routinely used to help remove the liquid fat. In addition, compression garments with customized foam in-lays are used to encourage liquid fat to drain through drainage tubes.

Tips for fast recovery after VASER liposuction take into consideration all attempts to hasten the completion of drainage. Drainage in the soft tissues is affected not only by the liquification of the fat but also by drainage from the blood vessels.

When undergoing surgery, the soft tissues are irritated thus promoting pro-inflammatory cells from entering the soft tissues and making the blood vessels leaky. This process results in a process doctors call third spacing which results in the body dumping fluid into the soft tissues.

Tips for fast recovery after VASER liposuction must take into consideration limiting the third spacing. The most critical component to limiting third spacing is to ensure that the protein levels in your bloodstream. This will ensure that fluid remains in the blood vessels and does not leak out. To increase blood protein levels, clients are encouraged to intake 150grams of protein a day.

This means eating a lot of chicken and meat. In fact, your blood protein level can be measured with a lab test to check your albumin levels. If your albumin levels are found to be low and you would like to make an attempt to improve your protein levels, a prealbumin can be checked that will indicate improved protein levels as quickly as two weeks following altering your eating habits.

In addition, patients should attempt to avoid all blood thinning products that can encourage the oozing of blood products from their vessels. At our office, we provide you a list of a thousand food products, supplements, and medications that can thin your blood. It is recommended that you strictly avoid products on your list for at least one month prior to and two weeks following your VASER surgery for fast recovery after VASER liposuction.

Finally, patients should avoid any products that are considered vasodilatory in nature. The most concerning one involve marijuana that has become legalized in many states throughout the country. Although this naturally occurring herb can be considered a pain suppressant, it should be avoided in the operative period as it results in the dilation of blood vessels.

This can have a detrimental effect on your recovery resulting in hemorrhage and/or development of delayed blood accumulation called a hematoma. In summary, tips for recovery after VASER liposuction include optimizing your health by increasing your protein intake, avoid blood thinners and/or vasodilating agents, and being compliant with wearing of your compression garments at all times in the early postoperative period.

Remember that the sooner you drain finish draining, the quicker the drains are removed. This reality seems to the be strongest driving force to being compliant with VASER liposuction recommendations. Believe it or not, removal of drains remains the strongest driving force for most patients who find management of drains a hassle!

Remember that liquid fat does convert back to its solid state within 8 to 10 days. This is why regular lymphatic messages during the first week after VASER liposuction are critical to optimizing overall results and for fast recovery after VASER liposuction.

Not only will lymphatic message assist in ridding your body of accumulation of liquid fat, but it also provides us the opportunity to fine-tune your contour while the fat is liquid and malleable. At our center, we recommend lymphatic messages every day following your VASER surgery. Tips for a fast recovery for VASER liposuction are several and all measures should be followed to ensure optimum body contouring results.

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