High definition abs surgery

high definition abs surgery patient 7 front left view

High definition abs surgery refers to the capacity of Vaser liposuction to achieve abdominal etching results. Vaser liposuction allows for melting of the fat prior to suctioning of the fat; it is this unique quality of Vaser liposuction that allows a master surgeon and sculptor to literally sculpt your abs. High definition abs surgery will literally allow patients to achieve a six pack in males and four pack in females; these terms refer to the configuration of the abdominal rectus muscles that differ between males and females. Whereas men have two columns of three individual rectus muscle bellies, women tend to have two columns of two individual rectus muscle bellies.

Abs surgery

The is a real art to high definition abs surgery and it requires intimate knowledge of rectus muscle anatomy. When studying rectus muscle anatomy, it becomes quickly evident that rectus muscles are not symmetric between the two columns located along the each side of the central abdomen. In fact, each of the rows of the rectus muscles are also not symmetric. If you study the images of body builders on google, it becomes apparent how variable the muscle shapes are and how asymmetric the muscles can be on one individual. It is this appreciation of the abdominal muscles that makes high definition abs surgery so challenging.


Please see this 36 year male from Los Angeles who demonstrates complete transformation of his abdominal appearance following high definition abs surgery.

  Abs surgery

A 36-year-old male following VASER Liposuction of the abdomen, chest, and flanks