Nose Job

Nose job or rhinoplasty surgery in Orange County is designed to complement your facial features with a well proportioned and aesthetically pleasing nose. Rhinoplasty surgery will improve your nose size and shape in order to achieve harmony with your facial balance. Your nose job will achieve several goals including:

  • Narrow your nasal dorsum width at the top of the nose (nasal bridge) and at the base (nasal base).
  • Eliminate your nasal dorsal hump
  • Align any nasal dorsal crookedness
  • Improve your nasal tip size, shape and position by correcting an enlarged or bulbous, drooping, upturned or hooked nasal tip
  • Correct any nostril asymmetry deformity
  • Alleviate any internal nasal breathing difficulties
  • Correct any nasal asymmetry

If you desire these nose job goals, you are encouraged to obtain a complimentary consultation with Our Surgical Team, Orange County rhinoplasty surgeon Our Surgical Team has the experience and the artistic eye to create an aesthetically pleasing nose with appropriate proportions that match your face.

Achieving a Natural Looking Nose

Expert Orange County Surgeon Our Surgical Team, M.D., strives to give each patient a naturally appearing nose through rhinoplasty or nose job surgery.

There has been a recent trend amongst nasal surgeons to achieve aesthetically pleasing yet natural and non-operated-looking results. Our Surgical Team is well regarded for achieving natural results by working with the naturally occurring constructs of your nose and avoiding the introduction of foreign materials/distant grafts used by other surgeons only to camouflage underlying flaws resulting in an artificial and operated look.

Our Surgical Team specializes in altering naturally occurring elements already present in your nose even if they are shaped unfavorably. This results in you having a natural and non-surgical look to your new nose. Our Surgical Team is able to achieve these nose job results through both open and closed rhinoplasty techniques following years of experience and study in the field of Orange County rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty Cost

The average cost of a closed rhinoplasty in Orange County is approximately $7,000 - $9,000. The average cost of open rhinoplasty surgery is $10,000-$14,000. These costs are comprehensive and include your surgeon's fee, anesthesiologist fee, operating room fee, as well as your splints and postoperative visits.

These prices are only an estimate and intended to give you a general guide to rhinoplasty costs. A consultation with our expert rhinoplasty surgeon will provide you an accurate cost of your nose job.

What is the difference between Open vs. Closed rhinoplasty?

Whether you should undergo an open versus closed rhinoplasty depends on your desired nasal changes. Our Surgical Team is considered an expert rhinoplasty surgeon in both the open or closed rhinoplasty approaches.

The closed rhinoplasty technique utilizes two incisions that are made inside each of the nostrils in a semicircular pattern that is completely hidden. These two incisions allow access to the upper and middle 2/3rds of the nose.

This approach allows Our Surgical Team to alter the nasal dorsum by narrowing the nasal bridge and base, eliminating any nasal hump, correcting a crooked nose and any dorsal irregularities. However, the lower 1/3rd of the nose, i.e. the nasal tip, is not accessible. In contrast, the open rhinoplasty employs an incision across the columella, the fleshy bottom of the nose, and allows our expert rhinoplasty surgeon to access the entire nasal structures including the tip.

Please see the below diagram for the incision sites for open versus closed rhinoplasty:

You might be asking yourself why the open rhinoplasty approach is not employed on all rhinoplasty patients since it allows for contouring of the entire nose. The rationale for not utilizing this approach to all patients is multi-faceted.

First, the open rhinoplasty requires a longer operative time. A longer operative time translates into increased rhinoplasty costs. The longer operative times exist because:

  • There is more extensive dissection by virtue of making the columellar incision and having to undermine the entire nose including the nasal tip structures
  • The requirement to stabilize your nasal tip cartilages with an additional cartilage strut regardless of whether the tip is altered; this is because the added nasal tip dissection will create scar tissue that will pull down the tip even if it is not altered

In patients not desiring a change in their nasal tip shape or position, should not undergo an open rhinoplasty that will unnecessarily increase operative times and potentially compromise nasal tip support. In summary, your decision to undergo an open rhinoplasty should depend solely upon whether you wish to have your nasal tip shape or position altered.

During your nose job consultation, you will undergo a comprehensive external and internal nasal examination. All of your nasal goals will be discussed in detail. You are asked to bring photos of your desired ideal nasal shape. If you have had prior surgery, Our Surgical Team would appreciate close up photos of your original nose.

If you have any concerns regarding your surgical goals, you will be provided computer imaging to help alleviate any anxiety regarding your aesthetic goals. Finally, several questions will be covered by Our Surgical Team during your Orange County rhinoplasty consultation and these include:

  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
  • What will be expected of me to get the best results?
  • Where and how will you perform my procedure?
  • What surgical technique will be recommended for me?
  • How long of a recovery period can I expect, and what kind of help will I need during my recovery?
  • What results are reasonable for me?

If you live in Newport Beach or surrounding suburbs in Orange County, we encourage you to make a consultation with Our Surgical Team to appreciate the improvements that nasal surgery could have for you.

You will also have the opportunity to view hundreds of nose job before and after photographs. We will ask you to review nose job before and after outcomes carefully appreciating improvements in nasal dorsum alignment, decrease in nasal dorsum, and improvements in nasal tip highlights.

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