Maximizing Buttock Augmentation

Maximizing Buttock Augmentation
38-year-old patient who underwent abdominal liposuction and a maximized buttock augmentation
Fat transfer with BBL
38-year-old patient who underwent liposuction and a maximized buttock augmentation. The desired result was a highly rounded buttock
Maximizing Buttock Augmentation
38-year-old patient with liposuction and fat transfer for a maximized buttock augmentation
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Maximizing buttock augmentation in plastic surgery can be achieved by utilizing a combination of the currently accepted buttock enlargement techniques.

The two accepted techniques today include butt augmentation with an implant as well as fat transfer. By performing simultaneous buttock implant augmentation and fat transfer to the buttock, i.e.

Brazilian butt lift, you can achieve maximizing buttock augmentation.  Maximizing buttock size allows for creating the largest buttock volume size and shape, often referred to as a bubble butt.

Steps in Maximizing Buttock Augmentation

When maximizing buttock volume, the implant allows for central mound augmentation resulting in maximizing buttock projection and fat grafting is used to augment the periphery and lateral hip region.

Since the buttock implant can only be placed in the gluteus maximus muscle, it can only provide for central buttock mound enlargement. This is because the gluteus muscle spans over the central buttock mound region.

As such, buttock implant augmentation allows for maximizing buttock augmentation and projection over the central buttock region. In fact, the increase in projection is far greater with an implant that is a solid form thus allowing for maximum pushing out of the buttock skin when compared to fat grafting of the central buttock mound.

Fat grafting of the buttocks is performed after the placement of the buttock implant. Following the maximum projection of the central buttock, the peripheral buttock mound is supplemented around the implant and extending into the lateral hip region as desired.

Several steps are taken to ensure the viability of the fat cells during the harvest, processing, and transfer stages. One step is ensuring that pressures that the fat cells are exposed to never increase greater than 15mm Hg pressure. Pressures greater than this have been shown to injure fat cells.

Another measure involves the use of ultrasound energy to cavitate the fat cells into single cells that are semi-liquid in a form allowing for gentler harvest of the fat cells during the suctioning stage.

Another step involves evaluating the quality of fat cells harvested and avoid injection of fat cells that look compromised when harvested from previously liposuctioned areas. This is because when prior liposuction is performed, the tissue planes become scarred resulting in proinflammatory components that will compromise fat cell viability.

Along the same lines, appropriate washing of the fat cells is integral to ensuring that fat cell compromise does not occur due to bloody aspirate that contains the proinflammatory products.

Next, the fat must be collected in a closed-loop system, that avoids contamination from any external exposures. The closed-loop system also ensures a quick return of fat cells back into the body, thus minimizing out of body time to less than 30 minutes.

In summary maximizing buttock augmentation can be achieved using a combination of buttock implant augmentation and fat transfer, i.e. Brazilian buttock lift. Patients that are good candidates will include those who want to maximally increase their buttock mound volume.

For example, a patient could achieve up to 2L of fullness in each cheek by having an 800cc buttock implant along with 1200cc of fat transfer to each buttock cheek. Another set of patients will be those that are very thin having less than 10% body fat who still desire a generous buttocks size. These patients will benefit from a buttock implant and transfer of any volume of fat that is harvested.

This 38-year-old patient who underwent a maximized buttock augmentation.

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