Waistline Narrowing

Waistline Narrowing has surged to become one of the tops sought out procedures requested today. Women desire a narrower waist in order to exaggerate their curves and optimization their feminine figures. High Definition liposuction optimizes and enhances what was previously not possible with traditional liposuction procedures. Maximizing the narrowing of the waist has recently become feasible with the advent of VASER liposuction technology.

Since it is the only machine capable of comprehensive and uniform removal of fat from the waist, only VASER liposuction can create the dramatic and highly desired, maximum waistline narrowing. Specifically, the waistline is narrowed by removing the fat circumferentially over the areas of the external oblique muscle from the front and the upper flanks from the back. By eliminating over 95% of the fat from around the waistline, your surgeon is able to sculpt the body yielding transformative outcomes.

In addition to narrowing the waist by the elimination of fat, patients can also tighten any resulting skin redundancy. When minimal skin looseness is present, the heat generated by the VASER ultrasound energy allows for skin retraction and tightening. When moderate skin looseness is present, skin tightening is accomplished using minimally invasive Renuvion technology.

This technology uses helium activated radiofrequency energy to literally cook (called subdermal coagulation) the underlying, deepest skin layer called the dermis so that the skin tightens much like heated shrink wrap. When maximum waistline narrowing is accomplished with comprehensive fat removal, it is critical to avoid any skin redundancy that may compromise the overall outcome.

When optimal waistline narrowing is coupled with shaping and/or augmentation of the buttocks, a dramatic differential of the waistline to buttocks width ratio is appreciated. Using Renuvion technology, synchronously with VASER liposuction, skin tightening along with the optimal reduction of fat is accomplished. Aesthetically superior contouring of the waistline is now possible with the advent of high definition liposuction protocols.


Procedure: Ultimate elimination of excess fat and redundant skin that may have accumulated over the mid-abdomen, upper flanks and lower back.

Length: 1 to 2 hours dependent on the degree of fat excess and skin redundancy.

Anesthesia: General anesthesia.

Place of Treatment: Outpatient surgical suite.

Side Effects:

Bruising of the waistline is very rare as it is compressed tightly with a compression garment and customized foam inlay. If bruising is noted, it is because inadequate compression is being applied to this region. Infrequently, the second layer of foam may be applied along the waistline to ensure appropriate compression. If bruising is present it will resolve over the first week following surgery.

Recovery: The recovery for waistline narrowing requires as little as 1 to 2 weeks depending on your pain tolerance. Most patients are urged to go to the gym and participate in full physical activities no later than 2 weeks following surgery.

Duration of Results: Maximum waistline narrowing creates exaggerated curves that female patients are drawn to. Patients are universally enamored with the differential in the waistline to buttocks width ratios which create "jaw-dropping" outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Waistline narrowing requires maximal removal of soft tissue fullness, i.e. excess fat, as well as tightening of skin redundancy at the waist level. To achieve this, the VASER ultrasound technology is used to first liquify the fat prior to liposuction. In a small number of patient with skin redundancy, Renuvion minimally invasive helium plasma activated radiofrequency is used to tighten the skin.

You are a good candidate for waistline narrowing if you have fullness in the waist that is making your torso look like a barrel rather than an hour glass. Following high definition liposuction you will admire your exaggerated curves generated from waistline narrowing interposed on a optimally shaped and augmented buttocks. The Tilde curve "~" is often used to describe the ideal waistline curve created using high definition liposuction principles.

There are several items that you need to consider in planning for your high definition liposuction waistline narrowing surgery. First, you need to quit smoking cigarettes and even marijuana as they contain nicotine that is detrimental to the micro vessels that deliver oxygenation to your skin. Following aggressive removal of all fat from your waistline, the skin can become compromised. We recommend that you avoid all smoking for one month prior to and two weeks following surgery. Marijuana is even more critical and must be avoided postoperively as it will vasodilate your microvessels causing leakage of blood and unnecessary blood loss. The next item is to avoid all blood thinning medications, nutrients, and food products. A few of the more popular items that need to be avoided include all aspirin like products (called NSAIDS), fish oils (omega 3 fatty acids), Ginko Baloba, and almonds. We will provide you, a list all products to be avoided for one month prior to and two weeks following surgery. Finally, high definition liposuction can result in significant blood loss in the tumescent solution thus necessitating a higher than normal blood count. Your blood level will be checked early and iron supplement may be advocated to increase your blood count prior to surgery as needed.

You can expect exaggerated curves around the waist region when viewed from both the front and back. The classic "Tilde curve   =  ~  " has been used to describe this exaggerated curve. When waistline narrowing is achieved using Vaser Liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening, patients should expect maximum waistline narrowing and elimination of any skin redundancy.

You will be able to return to work after 10 days following waistline narrowing surgery. In addition, patients are urged to return to full physical activity as soon as 2 weeks following high definition liposuction waistline narrowing.

Patient-Specific Questions:

When using VASER liposuction it is important to recognize that all of the fat layers will be comprehensively removed. In the flank region, i.e. middle back region, the fat is distributed in three layers, i.e the superficial, middle, and deep layers. Whereas the deeper fat layer is loose and easy to remove, the middle and superficial layers are very fibrous and difficult to remove with traditional liposuction. However, since VASER liposuction melts the fat in all three layers, it allows for maximal fat removal down to the waistline muscles. Over all, VASER liposuction provides the ultimate modality for fat removal in the waist region.

The ideal waistline should be positioned at the point of maximum indentation which should be located between the subcostal margin and the lateral crest of the hip bone. This area should be maximally narrowed both when viewed from the front and the back and is located approximately one inch above the belly button.

The waistline indentation is created by the prominence of the rib cage superiorly and lateral hip bone inferiorly that border the softer middle indentation spanned by the external oblique muscles. When contouring the waistline, the fat over the external oblique muscle is maximally removed in order to create an exaggerated curvature that is aesthetically desirable.

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