Best male abdominal etching

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Please see this 38-year-old male is enjoying his extraordinary results following the best male abdominal etching.

The best male abdominal etching must accomplish several milestones that include chiseled abdominal muscles as characterized by a six-pack, a masculinized chest characterized by an armor plate, all while ensuring a natural and non-operated look. In order to achieve these milestones, intimate knowledge of abdominal muscles must be possessed and expertise in high definition liposuction must be implemented.

Creation of an armor plate masculinized chest does require a specialist in both fat removals with liposuction, gland removal that has been coined gynecomastia, skin elimination when required, and even fat grafting techniques. Finally, a non-operated look is critical in men who typically wish to have inconspicuous results that will require mastery with an artistic eye.

Male abdominal etching

If you are attempting to achieve the best abdominal etching, you must understand the abdominal musculature. The specific muscles that must be created include the rectus muscles, the serratus muscles, as well as the external obliques. These muscles must be sculpted in order to create the six-pack over the front of the abdomen as depicted by two vertical rows of rectus muscles.

Along the lower part of the rib cage, you must be cognizant of small, leaf-like muscles, that lie over the lower ribs. Finally, external obliques span laterally at the mid abdominal level and when contoured appropriately will help achieve a differential of the mid-abdomen to the area that is concave and below the hip bones.

Armor plate chest

The armor plate chest appearance is required to achieve the best male abdominal etching results. This is because the chest is directly adjacent and above the abdomen. Thus, when you evaluate the best male abdominal etching result, the chest must also be taken into consideration as it is visible with the shirt off. The armor chest plate refers to converting a more feminized, rounded breast appearance into a flat, yet bold breast appearance.

This is accomplished by removing the prominence that surrounds the breast areola by eliminating prominent glands and fatty tissues. In addition, the curved chest border must be made a more linear and pentagonal shape with the addition of fat placed strategically around the chest periphery. This is because the abdomen and chest must be aesthetic  

Non operated looking abdomen

The final component of creating the best male abdominal etching results requires the creation of natural-appearing highlights. This requires the creation of abdominal gulleys rather than harsh lines much like ravines. Specifically, the natural muscle highlights require gentle transitions between the prominence of the muscle bellies and the low lying gulleys between the muscle bellies.

In addition, the muscle bellies must be sculpted so that they unveiled as their natural contours and not like artificially appearing rectangles, termed the Ninja Turtle look. In addition, unlike the misconceived notions, the muscles are not altered with the addition of fat. Instead, the fat is removed from over and surrounding the muscle bellies to unveil the muscles actually present. Only by fusing the science of medicine and the art of sculpting can the best male abdominal etching results be appreciated.

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