4D Liposuction

4D Liposuction
31-year-old female 3 months after liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back with skin tightening, and BBL, and breast fat grafting – front view
left oblique 4D liposuction
31-year-old female 3 months after liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back with skin tightening, and BBL, and breast fat grafting – right lateral view
31-year-old female 3 months after liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back with skin tightening, and BBL, and breast fat grafting – right view
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4D liposuction refers to high definition liposuction”>high definition liposuction outcomes that are anatomically courteous of muscle shapes that are appropriate to muscle position and static versus dynamic state. Such anatomically correct considerations may be explored when considering the pectoralis muscle, the abdominal muscles, and buttocks, and the abdominal muscles.

4D liposuction of the pectoralis muscles.

The pectoralis muscle must be sculpted in the anatomically proper position of the arms as the arms will alter the shape of the pectoralis muscle depending on the position of the arms. Instinctively, the chest of the male must be made to appear as an armor plate. 

This means improving the shape of the chest by creating a pentagonal bordered muscle mass that is linear and bold but with a central flattening. Specifically, 4D liposuction is achieved by debulking the central chest region surrounding the nipple and areola and less often the anterior axilla (upper lateral border of the chest). 

In contrast, the central border of the chest is bulked by injecting fat into the pectoralis on both sides creating a vertical pillar that then provides definition to your sternal line gulley. In addition, the medial and lower chest wall is grafted in order to create a bold lower border and to transform a rounded appearance to an armor plate appearance

What is less intuitive is that the chest must not be sculpted with the arms at 90 degrees which is how we traditionally position patients on the operative table. Instead, the 4D liposuction of the chest should be done with the arms positioned at 45 degrees to mimic the normal posture of the standing male.

4D liposuction of the abdominal muscles

The abdominal four-packs for women and six-pack for the men is the ultimate desired abdominal achievement.  Very few people achieve this achievement as it requires devotion to aggressive working out doing crunches and straight leg lifts in addition to watching what you eat.

It’s actually worse than that, as patients will actually have to starve themselves to maintain a less than 5 % body fat which is what is required to achieve the “packs.” Fortunately, today you can achieve this prized abdominal contour which a more tolerable lifestyle and following a four hour 4D Liposuction surgery. 

These muscles can now be sculpted and are best when the surgeon sculptor stays true to their actual muscle shape. This means that you must take into account the muscle both in its resting state (static) and active state (dynamic).

When contouring the abdominal muscles, i.e. the rectus muscles, the final etching of the muscles is always completed towards the end of the surgery with the patient breathing and contracting their muscles. In this manner, the motion of the muscles is observed while carving out the final touches.

4D liposuction of the buttocks muscles

The final example is that of the buttock muscle, mainly the gluteus maximus. The gluteus muscle helps stabilize the torso to the legs so that you can go from sitting to standing and even when walking and/or running.

The 4D liposuction of the buttocks is performed by taking into consideration the buttocks contour when in a static and dynamic state with respect to gender-specific differences. In the male, the gluteus muscle shape and overlying gluteus contour should look like a butterfly with her upper and lower wings separated by a well defined lateral gluteal depression.

This is accomplished by fat grafting the upper wind into the gluteus medius which wraps around the upper lateral hip and buttocks as well as the lower lateral buttocks to square off the buttocks shape.  In contrast, for the female, the ideal buttocks cheek should be full and rounded with effacement of the lateral gluteal depression.

This is accomplished by fat grafting throughout the entire buttocks soft tissues including the lateral gluteal depression which allows for maximizing of the hourglass figure. In summary, 4D liposuction describes the ultra high definition sculpting technique that allows for very high-end etching of the muscles.

4D liposuction provides the opportunity to achieve contour line highlights that take into consideration motion driven muscle shape changes and gender-specific differences. When 4D liposuction is performed, patients can expect higher end results that are even superior to routine high definition liposuction results.

Enjoy this 31-year-old female 3 months after ultra high definition liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back with Renuvion skin tightening, and BBL, and breast fat grafting.

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