VASER Tummy Tuck

A 55-year-old female following a full VASER tummy tuck.
55-year old patient after a full VASER procedure. Note the amazing transformation of her abdomen.
55-year old patient after surgery. Her waistline is dramatically smaller

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What is VASER tummy tuck? It refers to the combination of simultaneous Vaser liposuction and a mini tummy tuck.

These two procedures can be safely performed to provide more patients with the advantage of body contouring without leaving them with a secondary deformity of skin redundancy.

VASER Tummy Tuck Surgery

Typically, VASER allows for comprehensive (90 to 95%) fat removal rather than just partial fat removal (40 to 50%). Due to this high capacity of fat removal, until recently VASER liposuction patients were selected carefully to avoid patients with loose skin who could be at risk of postoperative deformity of skin redundancy.

With the advent of VASER tummy tuck, minimal to moderate skin redundancy detected can be managed with a mini tummy while simultaneously sculpting the abdomen with VASER technology. Great care must be taken to avoid any undermining of tissues that are being liposuctioned. This will ensure appropriate skin vascularity.

The approach is basically a wedge excision performed at the bikini line, much like a mini tummy tuck, that avoids undermining yet ensures a tightened abdominal skin that can accommodate defatting of the abdomen.

It is important that the incision is below the bikini line a smooth and beautiful result is assured so that when wearing undergarments and swimsuits with a low line, the incision will not be visible.

Infrequently, a VASER tummy tuck will also require a reverse tummy tuck that is performed if extensive skin redundancy of the upper abdomen is present. The reverse tummy tuck utilizes two small wedge excisions located under each breast in the inframammary creases.

This 55-year old female demonstrates the potential improvements that patients can expect.

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