Best Liposuction Revision

Who Needs Liposuction Revision Surgery?

If you have had a prior cosmetic plastic surgery procedure and are unhappy with your results, it may be time to start considering a liposuction revision. However, it is important to note that it may take anywhere from 3-6 months after your original liposuction procedure for swelling and bruising to subside. After that period of time, if you still notice signs of a liposuction surgery gone wrong (any skin wrinkling or rippling, unevenness in your contour, bumps or divots), you may want to consider a revision. 

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What is the Best Liposuction Revision?

While clear and detailed communication between a surgeon and their patient is important in any procedure, it is absolutely critical to get the best liposuction revision results. When looking for a surgeon, it is important to find one that is not only a master in the technical skills required for this more challenging procedure but also a master in the natural male and female body physique. Dr. Mowlavi of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute has been performing lipo revision surgeries for over 20 years, but in his free time, he is an award-winning sculptor and artist. His mastery in ideal body proportions allows him to achieve transformative results that look eye-popping, but also natural. This is the key for people who search for the best liposuction revision results. 

Speaking with a surgeon who is comfortable performing secondary liposuction surgeries has several advantages. One, the various contour irregularities that are present from the prior cosmetic surgery created a more difficult canvas that an inexperienced plastic surgeon may not be comfortable performing on. Secondly, patients who are looking for the best liposuction revision have already undergone an unpleasant experience which results in strong emotions and fear of the entire process. As such, it is important to consult with a master liposuction revisionist who has maneuvered the challenges of revision surgeries before. 

VASER Technology for the Best Liposuction Revision Results

The saying “A man is only as good as his tools” has some truth to it when it comes to revision surgeries. Due to the irregularity in a patient’s physique, VASER high definition liposuction is the only tool that will provide an even, smooth and beautiful body contour. The reason for this is that VASER allows a trained surgeon to eliminate all the layers of fat, both superficial and deep. This resolves any dents, divots or bumps that may be present. Combining this with either surgical cutting or a RENUVION skin tightening procedure will take care of any skin irregularities as well. Dr. Mowlavi is both a VASER liposuction trainer and RENUVION skin tightening trainer and has trained over 50 surgeons. If you believe you are showing signs of poor liposuction surgery, contact us at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute for your complimentary consultation with liposuction expert, Dr. Mowlavi MD, FACS.

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Please see this 45-year-old female before and after her high definition liposuction procedure to correct prior contour irregularities with Dr. Mowlavi MD, FACS.

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