4D High Definition Liposuction

4D High Definition Liposuction
23-year-old female, 4D HD liposuction with chiseled abs
4d high definition liposuction patient 1 front view
23-year-old female, 4D high definition liposuction for etched abdominals with breast augemention
VASER lipo for chiseled abs
23-year-old female, 4D high definition liposuction to reduce belly pooch and etch abs
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This patient demonstrates 4d high definition liposuction results that convey the circumferential aesthetics of her abdominal, flanks, and back and buttocks contour.

What is 4d high definition liposuction?

As we all know, 3d refers to the three-dimensional aspect of the world we live in and conveys a three-dimensional axis. This is in contrast to a 2d description that describes only an X and Y axis that describes a plain.

The 4d high definition liposuction terminology was created to describe the additional dimension of muscle dynamics and how their shape and function affect the 3d depth perception.

With muscle movement, a fourth dimension is created that is dynamic and requires recognition when performing high definition liposuction. This is how the 4d high definition liposuction terminology has been coined.

As an example, when the pectoralis muscle is static, meaning not moving, it appears more like a fish in shape. However, then the pectoralis muscle is contracted, it turns into a butterfly appearing shape.

Another example involves the gluteus muscle which actually looks like a butterfly when it is in static mode, but then becomes more compact square-like shape when activated.

When performing high dimensional liposuction comprehensive fat removal is performed to realize underlying muscle shape. With high dimensional liposuction the underlying muscle shape must be sculpted taking into account its surface contour in both the static as well as the dynamic state.

In addition to considering the anatomy of the muscle itself as an independent structure, fourth dimention high definition liposuction takes into account how this muscle interacts with its adjacent muscle groups.

When 4d high definition liposuction is performed circumferentially around the body, it is critical to acknowledge how muscle groups interact with each other; moreover, it is imperative to acknowledge muscle junctions and understand how these junctions can be exposed.

With the advent of ultrasound-assisted liposuction using VASER liposuction, comprehensive superficial and deep fat removal is now feasible.

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