Brazilian Buttock Lift Newport Beach

brazilian buttock lift patient 7 back view

Brazilian buttock lift Newport Beach patients can now take advantage of our Newport Beach office located at 2001 Westcliff, Suite 206, Newport Beach. If you have been considering undergoing the lift and live near Newport Beach, we encourage you to make a consultation with Dr. Mowlavi. Dr. Mowlavi is an official trainer of surgeons who travel from throughout the world to learn the art of Buttock lift. Dr. Mowlavi is a world renowned plastic surgeon and sculptor who attracts patients from around the world. He is acclaimed for delivering customized buttocks shape and size using his proprietary Buttocks assessment tool.

He is also well regarded for the most desirable back and buttocks curves that he is able to replicate consistently for his Buttock lift Newport Beach patients. If you live in Newport Beach you should also consider the convenience of having your postoperative recovery lymphatic massages performed near your residence. The first 10 days following your Buttock lift will be committed to daily lymphatic messages which are performed by our trained lymphatic massage specialist. This part of your surgery is critical in ensuring superior outcomes with smooth contours and jaw dropping results. The fact that you live near our office makes your Brazilian Buttock Lift Newport Beach journey that much easier.

We accommodate patients from all over the world to complete their Brazilian Buttock Lift in Orange County. So if you live in or near Orange County, take advantage of one of the top body sculptors in your own neighborhood.


Please observe this 42-year-old female following high definition liposuction of the back, flanks and BBL, leaving this Brazilian Buttock Lift Newport Beach patient satisfied.

Brazilian buttocks lift       Brazilian buttocks lift

A 42-year-old female following high definition liposuction of the back, flanks and Brazilian Buttocks Lift