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High Definition Arm Contouring

High Definition Arm Contouring: refers to liposuction techniques used to achieve superior arm contour outcomes. Superior results are obtained through:

  • Comprehensive removal of fat from the arm undersurface as well as skin tightening when necessary
  • Muscle etching using Vaser liposuction as well as muscle bulk when necessary

Whereas traditional liposuction removes modest underarm fat, VASER exceeds traditional technology with the ability to remove fat comprehensively, thus allowing for arm sculpting and even etching of the arm muscles.

By defining the deltoid grooves, biceps, and triceps, an experienced surgeon utilizing VASER liposuction can optimize arm contour and provide patients circumferential high definition results. High definition arm contouring also benefits from the use of Renuvion technology which allows for scar-less skin tightening of the underarm thus avoiding skin looseness and unsightly surgical incision lines.

Men typically desire defined yet strong, muscular arms. VASER liposuction techniques and intramuscular fat grafting help in emphasizing the desired strong biceps, bulky triceps, and prominent deltoids by adding volume for muscle girth.

In contrast, women desire a sleeker, toned arm, which is achieved with eliminating underside fat and any skin redundancy. When skin redundancy is present, Renuvion's skin tightening technology allows for the elimination of excess skin. Moreover, Renuvion's skin tightening avoids potentially, unsightly incision lines, like those observed following a Brachioplasty.


Procedure: Ultimate elimination of excess fat and redundant skin that may have accumulated on the underside of the arms as well as etching and bulking up of the arm muscles.

  • Length: 1 hour or less of surgical time
  • Anesthesia: General or local anesthesia.
  • Place of Treatment: Outpatient surgical suite

Side Effects:

Temporary lumpiness is a frequent side effect following high definition arm contouring. This problem results from poor lymphatic drainage of the arms that results in leakage of fluid into the arm and subsequent scar formation. Serial lymphatic messages are essential to resolving any lumpiness observed in the early postoperative period. Lymphatic massages are often supplemented with external radiofrequency messages that help break up scar tissues.

Prolonged swelling up to 3 months may occur since the lymphatic channels in the arm are intrinsically friable. This is evident in breast cancer patients who frequently develop prolonged swelling following breast cancer surgery. As a result, multiple measures are taken to encourage drainage of the arms including 1)leaving port sites open to drain in the postoperative period; 2)Lymphatic messages that are performed continually throughout the first 10 days following surgery. 3)Continuous arm wraps that are maintained throughout the first two weeks to avoid swelling.

Recovery: The recovery period for high definition liposuction arm contouring is minimal lasting as little as a few days to 1 week. 1 to 2 weeks. Even if you experience temporary lumpiness or swelling, you are urged to return to normal physical activity. Patients are encouraged to return to the gym with full physical activity resumed no later than 1 to 2 weeks following surgery.

Duration of Results: Patients are universally pleased with high definition liposuction of the arms. The elimination of both fat excess and skin redundancy as well as defining the muscles results in transformative results that will last a lifetime as long as you keep a healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

High definition arm contouring requires Vaser Liposuctionto remove the fat, Renuvion skin tightening when skin looseness is present, and strategic fat grafting when muscular bulking is desired.

You are a good candidate for high definition arm contouring if you demonstrate excess fat in the underside of your arm and if you have skin redundancy on the undersurface of your arm that tends to develop with age. For younger desiring muscle highlights and or stronger looking muscles, Vaser liposuction combined with intramuscular fat transfer is recommended.

The most frequent side effect of high definition arm contouring is prolonged swelling. This is because the lymphatic channels of the arm are not strong.  In order to minimize this side effect, patients are encouraged to start eating a high protein diet so that leakage of plasma fluid from the vessels is minimized. Specifically, patients are encouraged to intake at least 150mg of protein each day. If this cannot be accomplished through your diet, then protein shake supplements taken between meals will help.

You can expect to eliminate any undersurface fat and skin redundancy without any lengthy incisions. In addition, you can expect to have improved muscle highlights especially the anterior deltoid groove and the posterior deltoid groove.

Patient-Specific Questions:

If you have minimal to moderate skin redundancy of your underarm surface, Vaser Liposuction when combined with Renuvion skin tightening will provide superior arm contouring results. When severe skin redundancy is present, patients may elect to undergo either Renuvion skin tightening or brachioplasty. For patients with severe skin laxity, aggressive Renuvion treatment with 6 to 8 passes will in fact result in skin tightening due to dermal coagulation of the deep skin layer; however, the superficial layer of skin referred to as the epidermis may demonstrate some crepe lake irregularities that will require 6 months to a year to resolve when treating severe skin looseness. Because of this delay, some patients due elect to undergo a more invasive surgical excision of the skin redundancy, termed a brachioplasty, which results in immediate skin tightening and smoothness. The disadvantage of a brachioplasty is that there is a long surgical incision line that will require time to heal.

You will be allowed to return to the gym within one week of undergoing high definition arm contouring.

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