High Definition Liposuction Side Effects

50-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction of the thighs, flanks, lower back, upper back, and mid-back – right view
50-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction of the thighs, flanks, lower back, upper back, and mid-back – back right view

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Whenever patients consider surgery, they must respect that side effects may occur. Side effects are not necessarily complications, but high definition liposuction side effects, complications and adverse events that may occur during or following surgery.

These side effects may be subtle or even cumbersome, but they typically resolve spontaneously or may require varying degrees of intervention prior to resolution.

At the end of the day, patients undergoing surgery must make a difficult decision that requires weighing not only the benefits but also the risks of surgery.

As such high definition liposuction must be considered when deciding to undergo high definition body contouring. HD liposuction side effects are well documented and most commonly include:

  • Hyperpigmentation is a side effect of high definition liposuction since fat is removed comprehensively from all layers of the body including the deep and superficial layers.

    The superficial layer specifically houses pigmented cells called melanocytes. When removing the fat from this layer, these cells can become irritated, which results in them increasing their melanin, the pigment molecule.

    Hyperpigmentation is a definite high definition of liposuction side effects and must be recognized and treated when it occurs. First of all, hyperpigmentation has a higher propensity in olive skin individuals especially Asians.

    These patients may take measures preoperatively to avoid hyperpigmentation such as applying hydroquinone 4 % topically especially over their lower legs that are more vulnerable to hyperpigmentation. During surgery, steroids are added to the tumescent solution so that melanin cell activation is suppressed.

    Following surgery, patients are also given topical steroids and a bleaching cream topically if hyperpigmentation is suspected. With proper management, high definition liposuction side effects risks of hyperpigmentation can be minimized.
  • Prolonged swelling. Since ultrasound energy is used to emulsify the fat, prolonged oozing of liquid fat can be an infrequent side effect of high definition liposuction.

    In addition, the release of inflammatory products can make vessel leaky which results in leakage of blood fluid called plasma into the soft tissues. High definition liposuction side effect of swelling is fortunately temporary and will completely resolve typically no later than one month following surgery.

    Several measures are taken to minimize the risk of swelling and these include wearing customized foam in-lay compression garments that compress the body so that there is no accumulation of fluid.

    The second is the use of steroids in the tumescent solution that suppresses immune cells which subsequently reduces the induction of a hyper-inflammatory reaction. Reducing the hyper-inflammatory reaction results in minimizing leakage of blood fluid from the vessels and subsequent swelling.
  • Bruising is rarely observed with wearing of compression garments that are customized to your body and placed on you on the day of surgery. These compression garments are to be worn around the clock for the first two weeks following surgery.

Steps to Avoid High Definition Liposuction Side Effects

With appropriate precautions taken before, during, and after surgery high definition liposuction side effects can be routinely avoided. Patients may take advantage of the benefits that high definition liposuction offers without experiencing the inconvenience of high definition liposuction side effects.

In this liposuction patient from Newport Beach, Ca, it is evident that even at only one month following surgery, no hyperpigmentation is visible along her waistline. 

In the early postoperative period, bruising and swelling were avoided with appropriately fitted customized compression garments with foam in-lays. Finally, operative and postoperative precautions were adhered to, to prevent all of the above high definition liposuction side effects.

A 50-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction of the medial thighs, lateral thighs, flanks lower back, upper back, mid-back, fat grafting to the buttocks.

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