Who Does the Most VASER Liposuction Surgeries

VASER Liposuction Surgeries at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute that serve as a luminary facility for Solta Medical and their VASER machine. We have been established as the center of excellence for VASER liposuction and serve as a training center for surgeons from throughout the country. In addition, we serve to accommodate patients from around the world.

If you are wondering who does the most VASER liposuction surgeries, we want to reassure you that our center may be your answer. We average approximately 150 to 200 VASER cases annually. This includes not only 3 to 4 primary cases but also 1 to 2 liposuction cases each week.  Why is it important to consider who doe the most VASER liposuction surgeries? It is because although VASER liposuction provides body contouring patients the opportunity to achieve stunning results, it is very technical to master. In fact, very few providers throughout the country are able to achieve high definition liposuction despite there being over 3,000 VASER machines nationally

Why is the use of high definition VASER liposuction so technical?

The reason why high definition liposuction is technically challenging is that the VASER technology allows your surgeon to literally etch your body like a sculptor. The VASER technology allows your surgeon the opportunity to remove not only the deep fat but also the superficial fat. When we were limited to the removal of the deep fat in VASER liposuction surgeries, we were only able to debulk and area of concern.

However, now that we are able to remove the superficial fat as well, we can approach the contouring of bodies like artists. Given this luxury, we must now be able to sculpt like artists, a skill that requires mastery. Mastery in any field requires thousands of hours of training and/or years of experience. This is why the question of “Who does the most VASER liposuction surgeries?” is a critical one.

Who does the most VASER liposuction surgeries summary?

When you are using VASER liposuction to its maximum capacity, training and experience is extremely important. Who does the most surgeries will ultimately affect their outcomes. If you are considering body contouring, you should be seeking the surgeon who does the most VASER liposuction surgeries.

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