Best Way to Get a Square Chest: The Masculinized Chest Appearance

One of the most common questions you will see on popular fitness and bodybuilding forums such as is “How do I get a square chest?” From people who are overweight to the most enthusiastic gym goers, creating a manly chest shape seems to be a common problem. This seemingly tiny detail in chest shape is absolutely crucial to achieving a strong, masculine chest. So, what makes a square chest and how do you get it?

The Square Chest Look

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There are several factors that could cause a feminine chest appearance (man boobs) such as hormonal imbalance or genetics. Gynecomastia is a common disease that many men are choosing to fix through plastic surgery. However, many people develop a similar look through basic weightlifting. The reason for this is that many beginner chest exercises such as bench press or push-ups naturally target the lower and middle chest muscles while neglecting the upper chest. This results in a rounded chest that is fuller in the bottom region. Many patients get frustrated that despite all their exercise and low body fat, they still have a chest that just doesn’t look very masculine. However, thanks to Dr. Mowlavi’s male high definition liposuction protocol, you can finally get that square chest look without having to spend months in the gym. 

Male High Definition Liposuction

Through the use of VASER liposuction, our fat transfer viability and accuracy allows us to precisely sculpt the male chest into the manly square shape that everyone appreciates. HD Liposuction for males involves removing fat to highlight your muscles, while also transferring fat to areas to create the ideal square chest look. The main keys to this include:

  • Fat removal in the axilla region (near the armpit)

  • Fat removal in the periareolar region (near the nipple)

  • Fat transfer (addition) to the chest border to create the square shape

    • Vertical medial line

    • Horizontal inferior line

    • Medial and lateral oblique lines

This combination of fat removal and transfer with VASER liposuction creates a linear, flat, but strong male chest appearance. 

Best Way to Get a Square Chest: The Masculinized Chest Appearance

If you are interested in finally getting that masculinized square chest look that you haven’t been able to get through diet and exercise, schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi M.D., FACS today.

Here is an athletic 31-year-old male patient following high definition liposuction of the chest to square out his shape.

Best Way to Get a Square Chest: The Masculinized Chest Appearancemale-square-chest-patient-1-4