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Thread Lift

Orange County Thread lift

The goals of the thread lift, or Lunchtime facelift, is to erase facial aging changes using a micro-barbed thread which can be positioned in less than 1 hour with minimal sedation. By utilizing micro-barbed threads it is possible to counter the forces of the gravitational pull thereby correcting soft tissue sagginess and replacing facial volume loss. The micro-barbed threads result directly in:

1) Soft tissue support and suspension of the cheeks and jawline back to a more youthful position

2) Collagen formation around the threads to increase facial volume to a fuller more youthful appearance
Six threads are strategically placed to lift the malar and mandibular fat pads. Using a guidewire, the threads are weaved along the central cheek and jawline and then pulled up through a small incision in your hairline. Patients desiring facial rejuvenation in Orange County, who have a limited recovery time, can enjoy near-instant rejuvenation using this minimally invasive technique. In addition, patients in their late 30s and 40s who may not find themselves ready for a traditional facelift may consider this Orange County Thread lift procedure. Finally, patients who do not want to undergo general anesthesia due to personal or health reasons can find this procedure an alternative to the more invasive face and neck lift surgery.

Thread lift by insertion of micro-barbed threads in order to correct sagging skin and/or loss of projection of the facial and jaw region


1 Hour


Oral Sedation

Place of Treatment

Office-based surgical facility

Side Effects

a) Bruising/Swelling: Temporary bruising and swelling usually occurs after surgery and greatly diminishes within a few days after surgery.

b) Numbness: Patients may have a temporary loss of sensation in the cheek region due to swelling after surgery. The numbness usually disappears within a few days after surgery.

c) Scarring: Incision lines are well hidden in the temporal hairline thus making this a rare side effect.

d) Asymmetrical cheeks: An uneven appearance of the cheek may result if the cheek is asymmetric preoperatively. Your surgeon will make all attempts to compensate for any asymmetry by using different positioned and weaved vectors of pull when necessary.


a) Suture rupture: may occur although this is rare. Suture rupture can be corrected with the placement of a second parallel thread.

b) Hematoma: will rarely occur as there is no undermining of tissues in this procedure.

c) Indentation: can occur if the suture is threaded too superficially; this can be easily corrected on your postoperative visit with finger massage.

d) Temporal pain: may occur but this is usually temporary and will subside over a few weeks.


Patients may feel slightly sore for 1 to 2 days following this procedure. Patients can usually resume light activity the day of the thread lift procedure and return to work the following day.

Duration of Results

Patients who have undergone thread lift surgery can expect aesthetically pleasing results for life.


The thread lift procedure involves correction of minimal to moderate sagging and deflated cheeks and jawline. This surgery can significantly improve aging changes that may have occurred over your cheek and jawline without the need for a formal surgery. This procedure is performed using micro-barbed threads that are weaved through your cheek and jawline and then suspended using a small incision in the temporal hairline.

The micro-barbed threads have proven to be safe, predictable, and maintain a low-risk of complications.

Thread lifted cheeks look and feel normal in appearance and to touch. The micro-barbed/coned threads have been designed to be low profile in gauge and soft to feel. By strategic placement of the threads, it is possible to raise the cheek and jawline complex in a natural manner.

The threadlift procedure can be performed in an office based procedure room or office based operating room. Since minimal oral sedation is required, this surgery can be done in most medical offices by trained medical professionals.


Although the thread lift is an excellent alternative to sagging skin, it does not able to eliminate moderate to severe skin redundancy. Patients who have lots of skin redundancy should consider a dual plane facelift. This is why this procedure is ideal for patients in their late 30s and 40s who may have sagging of their facial soft tissues but who have not developed skin redundancy.

Thread lift procedure should utilize two separate incisions which are located in the temporal hairline. What this means for you is an invisible incision line and that no one will be able to figure out what you have done.

For patients who undergo the thread lift procedure early in life, a facelift and neck lift are still an option as you notice more moderate to severe skin redundancy. The threads and their surrounding collagen will be visible during the undermining of your skin. the threads and surrounding collagen deposition are left in place and help to maintain facial volume.

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