Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Specialist

Brazilian Butt lift revision specialist must possess several attributes. To begin with, a BBL revision specialist should perform butt revision surgeries regularly. In order to be considered a Brazilian butt lift revision specialist, you have to possess the skills to alter what other surgeons have created. You must have an artistic eye for what is considered an ideal buttock shape. You have to also be a sculptor and appreciate appropriate body proportions and create harmony between the buttock and the rest of the body. The transition between the buttock and the lateral thighs as well as the lower back are critical to achieving aesthetic beauty.

As a Brazilian butt lift revision specialist, I have had the honor to care for hundreds of unsatisfied BBL patients. BBL revision patients are very motivated and will travel far to attain the buttock shape and size that they are desiring. Despite being so motivated, my BBL revision patients universally complain that they felt that they could not clearly communicate to their surgeon the buttock shape and size they wanted. The obvious bringing photos of other patients was done. However, this style of relaying your desired buttock shape can be confusing. This is because a buttock on another body is never an exact match to yours. Because of constraints with this type of communication, I have developed the Buttock Assessment Tool that helps patients identify their current buttock shape and then definitively communicate their desired buttock shape and size goal.

The Brazilian butt lift revision specialist should be able to correct any and all deformities that have been created. This includes not only concerns regarding buttock shape and size but any contour irregularities such as dimples.  The Brazilian butt lift revision specialist should be able to harvest healthy fat from previously exploited areas. Remember, that patients arriving for BBL redo have already had fat removed from their bodies with traditional techniques. This means that the body has already been scarred and depleted of fat reservoirs. As such, your BBL revision specialist should be able to use ultrasound energy to maximize fat harvest. Your BBL revision specialist should also maximize fat viability not only with gentle harvesting of the fat with ultrasound energy but also during processing. The ideal processing of fat requires the use of a closed-loop system so that the fat does not get contaminated by being exposed to the outside environment and to minimize the out of body time for fat cells that are literally drowning.

In order to identify a Brazilian Butt Revision specialist, you should expect to see results. As they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” Your Brazilian Butt Revision specialist should be able to demonstrate to you how he can improve the shape of your buttock cheeks and how he can achieve buttock harmony with the rest of your body. Please see this 38-year-old female who demonstrates what a Brazilian butt lift revision specialist can attain.

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