Understanding your neck anatomy, Optimizing Neck lift results

Men and women who consider neck lift surgery in Newport Beach, Orange County, are annoyed by the fullness and/or sagging of the neck skin. These changes result in displeasing the aged look of the face and neck region. The most obvious signs of gravity associated aging changes include

a) Bowling – drooping of skin that bunches along the jawline;

b) Submental fullness in the neck especially under the chin resulting from skin redundancy and fat deposits;

c) Vertical Banding resulting from variable stretching/tearing of the underlying neck muscle called the platysma. To optimize neck lift results, Our Surgical Team uses:

  1. Two separate layers of lift (the dual-plane neck lift) which promotes optimum lifting by using two independent pull vectors: the platysma muscle layer as well as the skin layer.
  2. Comprehensive and individualized liposuction of all fat using microcannulas
  3. Repair of any tears in the neck muscle (platysma) which may be present in 20% of the population.
  4. Minimizing visualization of neck incision lines by the modified placement of incision on the back of the ear versus the traditional neck incision.
  5. Avoidance of hair loss(alopecia) by minimizing the tension of incision line closure along the hairline. Using these specialized techniques, Our Surgical Team transforms an aged “spade: ♠” shaped face into a youthful “heart: ♥” shaped face and neck. We encourage you to see why Our Surgical Team is well regarded by his patients for natural and long-lasting neck lift results.

Neck lift Cost in Newport Beach

The cost of a neck lift in Orange County can vary greatly from one surgeon to another. One of the reasons for this cost variance has to do with the surgeon’s expertise with a variable degree of the lifting of the drooping soft tissues performed. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, Our Surgical Team utilizes the gold standard, the Dual Plane Lift approach, which separately lifts the droopy skin and underlying muscle layer as described above. The advantages of a two-layered lift are best described by an analogy to a properly made bed: you cannot pull the bedspread/cover(i.e. the skin) without first tucking in the sheets first (i.e. the muscle). The same is true with a neck lift. An experienced surgeon will leverage the lift of the drooping neck tissues on the underlying muscle layer, thus avoiding tension and an “operated” look of the outer skin layer. This will result in a more effective (two-layer) lift and a more permanent (comprehensive two-layer) lift. The gold standard, dual-plane neck lift in Newport Beach generally costs between $19,000 to $15,000. We encourage you to consult Our Surgical Team prior to committing to surgery as he is well regarded not only for his neck lift results but also for his more reasonable neck lift prices. If you look in the mirror and are unhappy with the sagging of your neck and the loose skin around your lower cheeks and mouth, then make a consultation with our expert neck lift surgeon.

Neck lift Recovery

Our Orange County neck lifts patient's recovery in approximately 10 to 12 days. You will experience minimal discomfort as Our Surgical Team uses a long-lasting anesthetic, lasting for up to 3 days, which nearly eliminates all of your discomforts. Although each patient is unique with their pain tolerance, Our Surgical Team’s patients routinely express that they had no pain with their surgery. Moreover, our Orange County neck lift patients are traditionally encouraged to go out to dinner with family and friends by postop day 12 ! By one month from neck lift surgery, you will be able to participate in all sports, go up to the podium for a public speaking engagement, or even get married.

Neck Lift surgeon Our Surgical Team encourages all prospective neck lift patients in Orange County, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach to examine the surgeon before and after photos with a critical eye. Neck lift surgery is designed to correct and restore the neck contour altered by the force of gravity and aging. Neck lift surgery was not designed to make you look like a different person. A good neck lift does not leave a patient looking “pulled” or “operated” looking and should not result in ugly scars. Please examine postoperative photos for a) overall facial and neck appeal, b) well-hidden and healed incision lines, c) tightened neckline, d) chiseled jawline, and e) a natural, more youthful transformation of the preoperative image. An expert surgeon specializing in neck lift surgery will achieve long-lasting and natural results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The face and neck lift surgery are the same; the neck skin and face skin are connected and must move together; they are the same fabric. Now if one has fallen more than the other, this area will be pulled tighter, but at the end of the day, they are the same surgery requiring the same incisions.

In researching doctors that advertise "scar-less" neck lifts one must be mindful that any procedure or surgery that involves cutting and removing tissue (skin), a scar will form. We have a scar prevention plan in place for you. This includes things such as avoiding sun exposure for 6-12 months of the area, wear sunscreen when out, scar reducing creams, and certain vitamins. There may also be the option of VASER liposuction for your necklift which will result in the “scarless” look.

Infrequently, when there is severe laxity and loss of tone in the neck skin, there can be a recoil effect where despite a proper pull by your surgeon, the skin again gives out. However, you have to make sure that you had a dual plane, skin and the underneath layer, called the SMAS, lift, which is a gold standard pull when it comes to tightening the neck and jowls. This is the only technique used at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute.  A revision lift is very possible in most cases.

Patient-Specific Questions:

Unfortunately, a facelift and neck lift are pretty much the same surgery; you cannot perform one without the other if you want a superior outcome; the difference in the two comes down to which region you pull more aggressively, i.e. if your neck has fallen more than your cheek, then you pull harder in the neck region, however, this does not forego having to mobilize the cheek as well !

Whether your cadiomyopathy will be safe to undergo a neck lift will be determined by your primary care physician and your cardiologist. The law requires any patient that is undergoing general anesthesia to be cleared for surgery.

This results from having a poor suction of your lower neck. You can salvage this by considering revision liposuction with high definition liposuction with VASER liposuction and Helium Plasma skin tightening.

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