Male Abdominal liposuction

Male abdominal liposuction is unique to the body contouring arena as it provides the opportunity for men to achieve a much more defined appearance than traditional liposuction. The more defined look allows for a chiseled abdomen as depicted by the creation of a six-pack. This level of contouring was not possible even a few years ago. In order to achieve the six-pack appearance, the muscle highlights must be created by defining the gulleys around the muscle that include the inscriptions located horizontally, linea alba located centrally, and semilunar lines located laterally.

In addition to the rectus muscles, lateral accessory abdominal muscles can also be sculpted and these include the external oblique and serratus muscles. 4D liposuction has been coined to describe the sculpting of these muscles not only when static but also when dynamic and in motion.

Integral to achieving high definition male abdominal etching results is the removal of fat comprehensively. When fat is removed comprehensively, skin redundancy is often a concern and must be addressed. Even at the initial consultation, male patients are evaluated for the degree of excess fat and the distribution of fat but also for skin redundancy.

The degree of skin redundancy is graded using Our Surgical Team’s High Definition Liposuction Body Scale in order to determine the best course of action. For minimal skin redundancy, Renuvion J plasma may be used to reduce skin laxity. This modality allows for a reduction in skin redundancy using a minimally invasive wand. The wand is placed through the same portholes used for liposuction thus avoiding additional incision lines. When moderate skin redundancy is present, a small pubic skin resection may be necessary.

This incision is placed strategically in the lower abdominal region at the pubic level so that it is not visible even when wearing undergarments or swimming trunks. Finally, for moderate to severe skin redundancy, a modified abdominal skin resection is utilized that allows for maximal elimination of skin redundancy. The modified abdominal skin resection was developed by Our Surgical Team to allow for maximal skin removal while allowing for full abdominal liposuction without causing vascular compromise to the tissues.

Male abdominal liposuction is a major advancement to traditional liposuction techniques and allows for stunning results with the creation of abdomens that mimics a superhero physique. Abdominal etching is often performed synchronously with the creation of a harmonious armor plate chest appearance. Patients undergoing male abdominal liposuction will appreciate major transformation and change in lifestyle that is truly remarkable.


Male abdominal liposuction surgery requires the creation of a masculinized male abdomen that is depicted by muscle highlights and a six-pack.


Male abdominal liposuction surgery can be performed in 2 hours.


Male abdominal liposuction surgery can be performed only under general anesthesia.

Place of Treatment

Surgical suite

Side Effects

Residual contour irregularities


Male abdominal liposuction surgery patients will require eight days of recovery prior to returning to non-physical work.

Duration of Outcomes

Male abdominal liposuction surgery will traditionally provide permanent results as long as patients do not undergo major weight gain.


This surgery refers to an advancement in surgical algorithms wherein the male tummy is made more masculine and chiseled in appearance significantly more advanced than traditional abdominal liposuction surgery.

You are a good candidate for male abdominal liposuction surgery if you are desiring a more chiseled abdominal appearance to achieve a six-pack.

First, your abdomen will be examined to check the degree of fat excess, skin redundancy, and muscle integrity that will guide your customized surgical plan. In addition, your health status will be evaluated and your laboratory values checked. Your nutrition will also be optimized to prepare you for surgery.

The most common concern following male abdominal liposuction surgery is to have contour irregularities related to skin redundancy. All efforts are made to ensure that skin redundancy will be eliminated by either tucking of the abdominal skin as well as minimally invasive skin tightening with Renuvion J plasma. Rarely, patients may require revision surgery to excise any residual redundancy.

Male abdominal liposuction surgery is performed using VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction that allows for not only comprehensive removal of fat but also selective removal of fat to allow for the creation of muscle highlights.

Male abdominal liposuction surgery recovery is tolerable with minimal to moderate pain. Patients will be dressed in customized compression garments. Although the garments are worn for two weeks, patients are encouraged to return to the gym and full physical activity at four weeks.

Male abdominal liposuction surgery utilizes small port size incisions measuring 3mm that are well hidden in the pubic region, belly button, and in the crease below the chest.

There are negligible scars following male abdominal liposuction surgery since the resection of skin most patients require only small port holes.

You can typically return home following male abdominal liposuction surgery unless more extensive surgeries are being performed synchronously.


Since fat removal is so comprehensive following abdominal liposuction surgery, weight gain will not result in significant contour changes.

Since an incisions are limited typically to port sites, men are expected to return to routine daily physical activities within 10 days

You will notice the improvement in your abdominal appearance right away following male abdominal liposuction surgery. You will notice a total transformation of your abdominals even the day after surgery but will observe generalized swelling set in at 1 week that will resolve after 1 month following surgery.

Some studies have estimated that as many as 60-70% of males have gynecomastia. This condition is particularly common in newborns, adolescents, and older men. Males from these age groups have an exceptionally high frequency of gynecomastia due to drastic hormone fluctuations. An abnormal ratio of estrogens to testosterone in the body affects the growth of tissue in the breast region.

The technique of gynecomastia surgery that you will require depends on the degree of redundant breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin that you have. Patients with firm skin, minimal glandular tissue, and excess fat may require liposuction only. However, most patients do present with excess glandular tissue and thus will require a combination of liposuction as well as direct excision of the glandular tissue underlying the nipple and areola complex. Less often, patients with extensive redundant skin and sagging breasts, may require direct excision of the breast skin, fat, and glandular tissue. In these patients, the nipple areola complex must be replaced as a skin graft.

When liposuction and/or direct excision of the glandular tissue is required, surgical incisions are limited and scarring not typically a concern. In contrast, when direct excision of the breast skin, fat, and glandular tissue is required, patients must be counselled about the surgical scars that will ensue. These scars are placed appropriately to mimic an “armor plate” and surgical incisions are repaired using meticulous technique. Although these scars typically remain red for a few months, they will eventually fade into thin white lines.

Since gynecomastia is usually not detrimental to a patient’s physical health, gynecomastia surgery is typically not covered by insurance companies. However, coverage policies may vary and in rare cases when it is documented that the enlarged breasts have resulted in psychological trauma to the patient, your plastic surgeon will help determine if insurance coverage is attainable.

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