Can Botched Plastic Surgery Be Fixed

Botched plastic surgery results are an unfortunate reality in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry. With the growing popularity of elective surgery, there are often dozens of surgeons to choose from, each of which is eager for your business. As such, patients may be convinced to do a surgery they were not 100% committed to or one that is restricted due to budget or time. Cosmetic plastic surgery is a big decision and not one that should be rushed. Rushing into surgery and not doing the proper research and vetting of your future surgeon is often the biggest cause of a botched surgery. However, regardless of the causes, botched plastic surgery can often be completely fixed by an experienced surgeon!

What does botched plastic surgery look like and how do we fix it?

There are a few common signs to botch plastic surgery results. One is an unevenness in body contour and shape. Cosmetic plastic surgeons require more than just the technical knowledge of surgery, but also an artistic knowledge of the human body. A trained artistic eye along with clear patient communication and a fixed surgical plan will prevent any chances of creating an asymmetric result. Another major concern that botched patients have is excess skin redundancy. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Mowlavi M.D. FACS performs revision surgeries every week. The most common botched cases he sees are liposuction cases where the surgeon failed to account for the appearance of the skin after fat removal.

With the High Definition Liposuction Body Scale, your skin and fat are measured in an objective fashion to ensure that the final body aesthetic is natural-looking and smooth. Finally, a surgeon that will change his or her original recommended surgical plan for reasons such as financing or available timing should be viewed as a red flag that often leads to a botched surgery. Plastic surgeons often spend 30-90 minutes on their consultation to give a comprehensive physical examination and arrive at a plan to provide optimal results. If they are willing to adjust the plan for any reason other than a reassessment of your problem areas, that means they are okay with providing suboptimal results and should be avoided. At your complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi, he will provide a high definition body contouring plan designed to fix that prior botched plastic surgery procedure and get you back to your ideal look! Contact us at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute today.

See this patient 45-year-old female before and 3 months after her high definition body contouring surgery.

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