Breast Implant Augmentation After Breast Lift

Breast lift implant augmentation after a breast lift provides the opportunity to improve several aspects of breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery allows your surgeon to lift your nipple and areola to an ideal and more desirable position. Breast lift surgery similarly allows for the trimming and lifting of your breast mounds to a more desirable position.

However, traditional breast lift surgery is compromised by the inability to provide the fullness and rounded appearance of breast augmentation surgery. This is best appreciated by the flattened appearance of the lower breast pole as well as poor upper pole fullness and roundedness of the breast mound.

Patients who undergo a breast lift, are traditionally asked to permit six months of delay prior to considering a breast augmentation with an implant. Six months’ delay between surgeries allows for optimum healing of surgical incision lines. At six months, surgical incisions have been shown to be at least 80 % healed. Once incision lines have achieved 80% of healing, they are less likely to stretch out and avoid scar line widening.

Another reason to wait six months is to allow the breast mounds to settle into place so that choice of implant style and shape can be accurately identified. Implant choice is the most critical step when undergoing breast augmentation implant following breast lift surgery. The implant size is critical for two reasons. First, the implant size must be chosen carefully to provide an appropriate increase in breast mound size.

In addition, the breast implant size also establishes the breast implant diameter and subsequently sets the dimensions of the upper breast pole.

The goal of breast mound filling and dimensions is to set the ultimate breast mound diameter and center it on the nipple and areola. The second consideration when performing a breast implant augmentation after a breast lift is a choice in breast implant style.

Alterations in implant style will allow your surgeon to optimize your breast mound dimensions with respect to breast mound diameter versus breast mound projection. During your breast implant sizing consultation, you will have the opportunity to complete the measurement of your breast mound dimensions, nipple position, and identify the ideal implant style and size.

A 56-year-old female patient is enjoying her perky breasts following breast implant augmentation after a breast lift.

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