Free Natural Breast Augmentation With Your Liposuction 360 Surgical Plan

We offer our patients complimentary BBL or modest breast augmentation when their surgical plan includes 360 liposuction. You might ask why. Our surgeon’s philosophy is that you deserve a little extra when you pay for such comprehensive body sculpting. During 360 liposuction, healthy fat is harvested from several places. Our surgeons do not want to waste this harvest of gold if there is a place in your body where curves and proportions can be added. If you want to address a modest increase in your breast size or add roundness to your bottom, you have to ask! As long as our surgeon can harvest enough fat, they will do a natural breast augmentation or BBL at no additional fee*.

*This offer is only good for patients who have a comprehensive 360 liposuction surgical plan.

Free Natural Breast Augmentation with Liposuction 360

27-years-old female following her Natural Breast Augmentation by Our Surgical Team – front view
Free Natural Breast Augmentation with Liposuction 360

27-years-old female following her Natural Breast Augmentation by Our Surgical Team – left oblique view
Liposuction 360 San Diego

27-years-old female following her Natural Breast Augmentation by Our Surgical Team – right oblique view
Full breast mound Laguna Beach

27-years-old female following her Natural Breast Augmentation by Our Surgical Team – left view
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While many patients have chosen to get breast implants, natural breast augmentation using your own fat is becoming increasingly popular. There are many risks associated with breast implants that have influenced patients to avoid breast implants and to seek natural breast augmentation instead.

For example, breast implants have been associated with an assortment of autoimmune diseases and even a plethora of symptoms, coined breast implant illness syndrome.

These women have reported experiencing autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, and even lupus. Some researchers have theorized that autoimmune diseases occur because silicone gel has migrated from within the implant shell into the lymphatic system.

Even more concerning, have been recent reports that silicone textured implants can cause a rare type of lymphoma, known as Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). 

Many patients who have textured silicone implants have chosen to remove their implants due to these complications. Instead of using implants to increase breast size, natural breast augmentation eliminates the risks associated with breast implants.

Natural breast augmentation is performed by removing a patient’s own fat from various areas of the body, termed liposuction 360, and injecting it back into the breasts to create a natural and full breast mound.

Our Surgical Team utilizes liposuction 360 to remove all unwanted fat and to sculpt your body. This fat is then strategically placed back into the patient’s breasts to create more proportioned looking breasts. 

There are several advantages to performing natural breast augmentation with liposuction 360. In this procedure, the patient achieves voluminous breasts while reducing fat from other problem areas.

This process allows for maximizing the female silhouette which is created by the differential between a more prominent breast and buttocks with a narrowed waistline. In addition, natural breast augmentation allows Our Surgical Team to personalize one’s breast shape to their needs, rather than using traditional breast implants.

Finally, patients can avoid regular maintenance that is associated with having silicone implants. Natural Breast Augmentation is advantageous for patients who have never had breast implant surgery and who want to avoid implants.

In addition, patients with a thin and athletic build may have been limited to breast implants in the past. However, today these patients are good candidates for natural breast augmentation. With the use of high definition liposuction protocols, 40% more fat can be removed compared to traditional liposuction.

First, the body is sculpted using 360 liposuction or circumferential contouring. Second, using ultrasound-assisted liposuction allows for 90% fat viability that is much higher than the traditional liposuction that allows for 60% viability and retention at 6 months.

For a limited time, Our Surgical Team is offering a free natural breast augmentation with 360 liposuctions. If you are interested in having a completely natural breast augmentation, then we urge you to take advantage of the “free natural breast augmentation with 360 liposuctions” offer today.

Please see this 27 years old female following her Natural Breast Augmentation by Our Surgical Team.

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