What is a Breast Lift with Implants Over the Muscle?

A 41-year-old female who was initially seen wanting to know what is a breast lift with implants over the muscle?

Many women seeking a breast lift often complain of sagging breasts, a regular consequence of aging, and loss of volume and drooping due to weight loss or following pregnancy and childbirth.

There are two options if a woman wishes to see fuller more defined breasts. Breast augmentation, which focuses on reshaping and resizing, or breast lift with implants, which focuses on repositioning the breasts. Breast lift surgery with implants offers a variety of implant sizes and two different approaches to the procedure.

In the case of a breast lift with implants, the implant can either be placed behind the pectoral muscle or in front of the muscle.

Both methods have their merits; however, it primarily depends on the patient’s body type. For a regular patient, placing the implant under the muscle is often feasible and can produce a pleasing natural result. Patients who work out more often and have developed strong pectoral muscles most likely need the implant placed above the muscle.

There are many advantages to placing the implant under the muscle following a breast lift. For one, placing the implant under the muscle provides superior protection of the implant. Since the implant is under the muscle it is less susceptible to infection and/or breaking.

Furthermore, if the implant is placed under the muscle it prevents encapsulating. A capsule forming in the implant can cause deformities in the breast.

When the implant is placed below the muscle, it is massaged by the pectoral muscle, which creates a gentle upper slope from the chest and prevents any breast deformities from occurring. As a result, you see the most natural results with a smooth contour from the top of the chest down to the breasts. Unfortunately, placing the implant below the muscle is more invasive and requires longer recovery time.

For patients with more developed pectoral muscles, the implant is placed above the muscle. In this case, if the implant were to be placed under the muscle, the pectoral muscle would have to be released.

This could result in a hyperdynamic deformity, which could cause unnatural contour and definition when the patient flexes their pectoral muscles. To avoid hyperdynamic deformity and any other aesthetic complications, the implant is placed above the muscle. This procedure is less invasive; therefore, less painful and the recovery time is faster.

The only drawback of getting a breast lift with implants above the muscle is it may not look as natural as a breast lift with implants below the muscle. Since there is no muscle above the implant, the body doesn’t offer as smooth a transition from the upper chest down to the breast that could be found in breast lift with the implant below the muscle.

Regardless of the procedure, incredible care is taken to deliver the very best results. At the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute patients always leave with fuller breasts and incredible contour to compliment a natural aesthetic.

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