Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Newport Beach

In the plastic surgery industry, there are few cities that match the sheer volume of options that Newport Beach, California offers. A breast lift with implant augmentation in Newport Beach comes with a aesthetic high standard that matches the culture of the city.

The density of plastic surgeons in the area results in a concerted effort by many of the Newport Beach plastic surgeons to maintain an online presence to capture the high volume of potential patients in the area.

This may actually end up making your research into breast lift with implant augmentation Newport Beach more difficult. Here are the key points your dream plastic surgeon should meet.

First, a breast lift with implant surgery must only be performed if the patient presents excess skin looseness and sagging. Even the best breast surgeons cannot make an incision scar completely disappear so it’s in your best interest to only get a breast lift if necessary.

On the other hand, Newport Beach plastic surgeons that abide by every patients’ wishes and avoid cutting even when necessary end up completely botching the procedure and causing more issues for the patient. Understanding the balance between breast mound size and skin redundancy is crucial to getting consistently symmetric and beautiful breast lift with implant surgery results. 

This patient came to the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute to consult with Our Surgical Team regarding her breast appearance. As seen here, despite her young age, she presented visible skin laxity and sagging. Here she is 3 months after her breast lift with implant augmentation.

She shows significant improvement in overall breast size and shape. Her breasts are symmetrical and at 3 months out, the incision scar has already significantly faded. 

If you are like this patient and want a breast transformation, contact Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute for a complimentary consultation with Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Our Surgical Team MD.

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