Closed Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Closed rhinoplasty recovery is tolerable since it associated with limited swelling when compared to open rhinoplasty recovery. This is because closed rhinoplasty avoids dissection over the tip region. Instead, closed rhinoplasty includes only surgical alteration of the supratip and nasal dorsum.

Wearing of a nasal splint for only one week encompasses the recovery period for closed rhinoplasty. Patients are seen at one week postop following surgery when their splints are removed; following this first postoperative visit, patients are allowed to return to their normal routine daily and work activities. It only requires avoidance of physical activities that might jeopardize potential mechanical trauma to the nasal bones.

This is because the nasal bones are fractured and it takes one month for the bones to fuse and become stable. The recovery is extremely tolerable and allows most working patients the financial luxury of taking time off of work to improve their nasal appearance. If you are considering a closed rhinoplasty, we encourage you to complete a complimentary consultation at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute.

Steps to Closed Rhinoplasty Recovery

You will be enrolled in our Perfect Change Program which will help you guide your closed rhinoplasty journey with preoperative planning and postoperative recovery precautions. We are confident that you will feel more confident committing to undergo a closed rhinoplasty when you become well versed in recovery requirements.

Please see enjoy this 30-year-old male following a closed rhinoplasty surgery to improve facial contour.

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