Crooked Nose Surgery Before and After

Crooked Nose Surgery Before and After
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Crooked nose surgery before and after photographs will demonstrate the correction of crooked nasal deformity as well as improvement of the nasal contour aesthetics above the nasal tip. This is because crooked nose surgery utilizes a closed rhinoplasty to correct.

By virtue of having incisions limited to the internal nares, the tip is bypassed and not accessible. In contrast, all of the nasal structures above the nasal tip including the supratip region can be corrected. When evaluating crooked nose surgery before and after results, you should expect to see a correction of the crooked nasal dorsum which results in a centrally aligned nasal dorsum.

In addition, the nasal dorsum will be improved in aesthetics with the creation of a dorsal aesthetic line created by a narrowed nasal dorsum bridge and base as well as the elimination of the nasal hump. In addition, the region above the nasal tip, called the supratip region, should be refined with the elimination of any fullness that can result in a supratip deformity.

Crooked nose surgery before and after results should be viewed with a critical eye to ensure that there are no nasal bone irregularities with a smooth and aesthetically improved nasal contour.

Crooked nose surgery before and after photographs should demonstrate at least five views which include the frontal view, two lateral profile views, and two oblique views. All of these nose surgery before and after views should demonstrate smooth dorsal aesthetic lines and create improved harmony of the nasal dorsum with the tip aesthetics.

When choosing a nasal specialist, it is important to evaluate a fair number of crooked nose surgery before and after results in order to appreciate the abilities of your surgeon. In nasal surgery, expert nasal surgeons are able to consistently achieve superior nasal contour results. The ability to consistently obtain superior results should be the most important factor in choosing a nasal surgeon.

Please appreciate this 16-year-old male 2 months after his closed rhinoplasty to correct enlarged turbinates due to crooked nose deformity.

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