Open Rhinoplasty Cost

open rhinoplasty surgery front right view

Open rhinoplasty cost is determined by the length of surgery required to correct all of your contour dislikes. If there is severe deformity requiring cartilage grafting, this will require more time. If extensive cartilage is required to fix your nose such as rib cartilage, this will significantly increase your operative times in the realm of 1 to 2 hours. This is because the rib graft needs to be harvested and the rib graft needs to be prepared by dicing the cartilage into a burrito shaped entity for nasal dorsal supplementation. Open rhinoplasty times can vary from 3 to 5 hours depending on what maneuvers are required. Operative times and as a result open rhinoplasty cost can be affected by whether you need:

Open Rhinoplasty Cost

  1. Nasal dorsum narrowing
  2. Nasal hump elimination
  3. Nasal tip shape alteration
  4. Nasal tip position change
  5. Correction of crooked nasal dorsum
  6. Correction of septal deviation
  7. Removal of enlarged inferior turbinates
  8. Alteration of alar rims
  9. Defatting of the nasal tip
  10. Need for rib cartilage graft

Following your initial consultation, you will be provided a comprehensive surgical design enumerating all of the nasal maneuvers required to fix your nose. Your open rhinoplasty cost will subsequently be provided to you and will range between 9,000 to 16,000 $ depending on the length of your surgery.

Open Rhinoplasty Cost

Please appreciate this 47-year-old female who has undergone open rhinoplasty to narrow a wide nasal tip and to correct a drooping nasal tip position that cost him 10K$.

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