Crooked Nose Fix

Crooked Nose Fix
Crooked Nose Fix
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Crooked nose fix requires a realignment of the nasal dorsum deformity. Crooked nose fix can be achieved either acutely within the first week or in delayed fashion within the first month. The crooked nose follows break in the nasal bones resulting in the displacement of the nasal dorsum to one side or the other.

When performed acutely over the first week, the nasal bones are still pliable and can literally be forced back into alignment with external and internal pressure called nasal bone reduction. No nasal incisions or dissection is required.

Stabilization of the repositioned nasal bones requires the placement of an internal and external nasal splint. The nasal splints are kept in position for only one week; the second week, the nasal splints are worn only at nights to avoid inadvertent displacement of nasal bones from external compression while in your sleep. After one to two weeks, a crooked nose fix becomes more complex.

This is because the nasal bones begin to fuse back in their undesired position. Patients will typically seek correction soon after nasal bone displacement due to difficulty with breathing.

However, after a few weeks, the nasal bones must be rebroken to be repositioned. In general, crooked nose fix following a few weeks of delay will require a more formal closed rhinoplasty procedure.

Crooked nose fix with a closed rhinoplasty dictates refracturing the nasal bones with desirable fracture lines that will help correct the crooked nasal bone deformity. The benefit of the closed rhinoplasty crooked nose fix is that other aspects of the nose can also be improved and these include a nasal hump or any supratip fullness.

In addition, any nasal bone irregularities or sharp bony spicules can be eliminated. The recovery period for both closed reduction or a more formal closed rhinoplasty is similar. Crooked nose fix solutions are very effective in not only improving nasal aesthetics but also in correcting and changes in breathing ability.

Please see this 43-year-old male who appreciated the return of nasal aesthetics as well as breathing capacity.

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