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Dr. Mowlavi has performed over 15,000 surgeries. He has mastered a procedure called HD Lipo 360™, a revolutionary liposuction technique that allows him to artistically sculpt your body proportions.
This total body transformation technique begins with High Definition Liposuction using VASER technology. He harvests healthy fat from areas you don't want it and places it in areas where it is desirable. Using his remarkable skills, patients can have a Brazilian Butt Lift, natural breast augmentation or facial rejuvenation during the same procedure as the liposuction*. *Depending on the amount of fat harvested.
Dr. Mowlavi has proven experience in delivering safe, comfortable, and exceptional results you deserve. He makes his patients his first priority. He will address all your concerns and design a customized surgical plan that ensures ideal results.
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  • A world authority on high definition liposuction and body contouring
  • Internationally recognized by patients traveling from throughout the country and world
  • Educator of high definition liposuction principles through peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Lecturer at national plastic and cosmetic surgery meetings
  • Author of High Definition Liposuction
  • Official trainer of VASER for Solta Medical
  • Official trainer of Renuvion scar-less skin tightening for Apyx Medical
  • Social Influencer on Instagram and Youtube with “Ask Dr. Mowlavi” series

Surgeons from the United States and internationally attend teaching courses to learn how VASER liposuction, Renuvion skin tightening, and strategic skin excisions can be combined to achieve high definition body contouring results. Dr. Mowlavi is also an avid author of high definition body contouring principles and publishes peer-reviewed journal articles discussing his observations and innovations. Dr. Mowlavi has also published the definitive book on High Definition Liposuction and broadcasts a podcast series on High Definition contouring principles.

Choosing your plastic surgeon is the most important decision you will make. We urge you to choose a plastic surgeon who has a passion for surgery, maintains an artistic eye, and is well regarded for his mastery of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Mowlavi and his dedicated and caring staff will provide you the utmost attention during this journey.

Plastic Surgery has a high standard.  We invite you to visit us at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institue and understand why you should become a patient and receive the amazing results you deserve.

World Famous Body Sculptor and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mowlavi has a wide following throughout the country and world because of his stunning results. These results can be viewed on our website as well as on the popular online patient education site, RealSelf. In fact, Dr. Mowlavi has answered nearly 10,000 patient questions to help guide consumers who have questions regarding their body contouring goals. Finally, Dr. Mowlavi is a celebrity on Instagram and renowned for his surgical videos posted weekly.

Patients Come From Across the Globe to See Dr. Mowlavi
Patients Come From Across the Globe to See Dr. Mowlavi
Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Arian Mowlavi M.D. provides high definition body and breast contouring not only for patients from Orange County but also for patients from around the world. Our world-famous breast and body sculptor provides stunning results that are well regarded internationally. Stunning results are achieved by taking into consideration circumferential contouring utilizing surgical protocols that are customized to each patient's needs and desired goals. High definition body contouring was pioneered by our plastic surgeon. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he has spent developing body sculpting principles to enhance the overall safety and efficacy of results. Featured patients above demonstrate his high level of expectations for all of his patients.

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Liposuction has been coined to identify the plastic surgery procedure that describes the removal of fat. Today, VASER liposuction, which utilizes ultrasound energy to melt the fat prior to removal, is the gold standard in fat removal techniques. VASER liposuction allows for not only comprehensive fat removal but also selective removal of fat to strategically create muscle highlights. Our plastic surgeon Dr. Mowlavi, has pioneered High Definition Liposuction protocols, intended to achieve superior body contouring outcomes. High Definition Liposuction describes body sculpting results that are stunning in appearance by virtue of adhering to ideal body contouring principles, creating a 360 degree or circumferential approach, and etching muscle highlights when appropriate. In order to achieve high definition liposuction results, higher fat volumes on the order of 40% more than traditional liposuction techniques are routinely removed. Circumferential body sculpting requires that your surgeon maintain an aesthetic eye, especially to gender-specific contour lines. The etching of muscle highlights requires that your surgeon possess an intimate knowledge of muscle anatomy and demonstrate mastery in sculpting capacity. Finally, high definition liposuction and body contouring necessitate expertise in balancing removal of fat excess with managing skin redundancy. Dr.Mowlavi has introduced the High Definition Body Scale, which allows him to consistently deliver superior body contouring outcomes by objectively evaluating each patient’s unique excess fat and redundant skin composition thereby designing a customized and sound surgical operative plan. 

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A Brazilian buttock lift, coined as BBL, describes the transfer of fat using fat grafting cannulas from your body to your buttock. The successful transfer of fat to the buttock not only increases the size of your buttock but can also aesthetically transform the shape of your butt. The buttock lift component derives from the fact that filling the buttock cheek will result in the elimination of buttock sagging by virtue of removing the redundant skin when the buttock pulp is filled. Dr. Mowlavi has made several advances in the field of Brazilian Buttock Lift both in the field of safety and aesthetic outcomes. Safety in BBL surgeries requires limiting fat transfer to the fatty layer only in order to minimize the risk of fat emboli. Dr. Mowlavi created a proprietary fat grafting cannula that can be visualized under ultrasound visualization.  As such, using ultrasound guidance, Dr. Mowlavi ensures that no fat is injected into or under the gluteal muscle, an area identified as a risk factor for fat emboli. Dr. Mowlavi has also coined SCUBA, safe California ultrasound-assisted liposuction, that describes the protocols for a safe BBL. Finally, Dr. Mowlavi has made several advances in the field of BBL with regard to the aesthetic outcome. Using the closed-loop system and Buttock Assessment Tool, Dr. Mowlavi is able to provide free BBL surgeries to all patients who schedule 360 lipo. The closed-loop system describes proprietary advances in fat graft harvest, processing, and transfer back into the patient thus optimizing fat graft viability and long term results. The Buttock Assessment Tool ensures that buttock shaping and sizing are accomplished to each patients’ unique goals.

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Brazilian Buttock lift revision is a popular surgical procedure at our institute that is performed on patients that have previously undergone a Brazilian buttock lift and are not happy with their buttock results. If you are not happy with the shape or size of your buttock despite having undergone a Brazilian buttock lift or even a buttock implant augmentation, we encourage you to consider a Brazilian buttock lift revision.

Patients that have received a suboptimal Brazilian buttock lift, must first identify their concerns in order to appreciate why Dr. Mowlavi’s customized plan will be successful. If you are unhappy with the superficial contour appearance of your buttock or posterior thighs, you may be struggling with cellulite deformity which is caused by skin redundancy. Dr. Mowlavi provides a comprehensive approach to the correction of cellulite deformities that includes focal fat grafting using microcannulas, the use of minimally invasive Renuvion technology skin tightening, or even a lateral thigh and buttock tuck. The severity of our skin redundancy and the extent of cellulite will determine which plan is ideal for you. If you are unhappy with your buttock size, Dr. Mowlavi will offer you ultrasound-assisted liposuction, which will maximize not only how much fat can be harvested from your body but also optimize graft take so that you don’t experience the 40% loss of buttock volume observed at 6 months following traditional liposuction harvesting techniques. If you are not happy with your shape, Dr. Mowlavi provides you his years of experience and aesthetic eye to help sculpt your buttock to a more favorable shape. In addition, we offer our proprietary Buttock Assessment Tool which will allow you to accurately communicate both your dream shape and size of the buttock to your surgeon.

If you have had a buttock implant augmentation with or without supplemental fat grafting and are not happy with your results, there is help for you. Specifically, Dr. Mowlavi is now providing effective removal of buttock implants with fat transfer to replace lost volume in a single surgery. Buttock implant removal with fat replacement has not been possible previously. This is because inadvertent injection into the implant pocket once the implant is removed would result in fat death and infection. This is because the implant pocket has no capacity to re-establish blood flow to the fat cells. Fortunately, Dr. Mowlavi utilizes his proprietary ultrasound visualized fat grafting cannula to ensure the placement of all fat cells outside the implant pocket. Patients travel routinely from across the country to have their buttock implants replaced with their own fat. If you are interested in having a Brazilian buttock revision or have your implants removed and replaced with fat transfer, we encourage you to take advantage of a virtual consultation with our Newport Beach Dr. Mowlavi.

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Breast augmentation advances have included optimizing both recovery ease as well as long term aesthetic outcomes. The first advance involves the ability to undergo breast augmentation with little discomfort. Improving ease of postoperative recovery follows traditional discomfort caused by the partial release of your pectoralis muscle to accommodate placement of the breast implant in a pocket lying under the muscle. Since muscle tissues have a higher density of sensory nerves, this release was typically associated with prolonged pain.

Advances in breast augmentation have recently been popularized by Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation protocols. This protocol is intended to improve the overall experience of the patient during the recovery period by providing a pain-free experience. This is accomplished by avoiding any bleeding during dissection that is performed under direct visualization using a lighted mammary retractor. The second maneuver involves the use of ultrasound-assisted injection of sensory nerve roots, such as the pec minor major fascial block, that provides numbing of the entire chest area. The final modification involves the use of a long-acting numbing agent, called Exparel, that allows for four days of numbing by utilizing lyophilized microspheres that ration out the release of the numbing medication.

The final advance in breast augmentation results in our cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mowlavi utilizing his customized ideal implant selection process. Dr. Mowlavi created his customized ideal implant size and style selection protocol that you will have the luxury of experiencing at your initial breast consultation. This breast sizing opportunity will ensure that your choice of implant size and style will provide you long term aesthetic results.

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Breast augmentation revision surgeries should only be performed by surgeons such as our Orange County based plastic surgeon and breast specialist Dr. Mowlavi. This is because breast augmentation revision surgery requires alteration of breast tissues that have already been manipulated and scarred from prior surgery. A breast augmentation revision specialist should be experienced and be well versed with working with scar tissue that is present around the breast implant, called the capsule. When this capsule is thin and pliable, it can be used in your favor to reposition your implant pocket using quilting techniques called capsulorrhaphy. When this capsule is thick or calcified, called capsular contracture, your surgeon must be adept at removing the undesirable capsule, called capsulectomy, without creating further deformities. In some patients, breast augmentation revision surgery requires simultaneous implant replacement, capsule alteration, and a lift procedure. Simultaneous breast lift with implant replacement can be very technical and only be performed by an experienced breast surgeon. This is because the simultaneous breast lift with implant replacement can compromise blood flow to the nipple and areola complex. This compromise arises from not only back cuts placed around the nipple and areola in order to lift the nipple and areola to a higher aesthetically pleasing position but also from the fact that the implant can impact blood flow due to the compression placed on the tissues. Breast augmentation revision cases especially can further compound this concern when the capsule around the implant must be removed as the capsule often provides supplementary blood flow to the tissues. In addition, choosing a larger implant than the original implant will increase the pressure burden.

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Mommy makeover refers to plastic surgery procedures that are dedicated to reversing the pregnancy-associated changes that moms observe over their bodies. These undesirable changes can be several and involve the breasts, the belly, back, and buttock, as well as the thighs. Anyone or all of these areas may be considered in a mommy makeover performed by our American Academy of Plastic Surgery member. Dr. Mowlavi has been recognized throughout the world as a leading pioneer of high definition mommy makeovers. High definition mommy makeovers are stunning in appearance due to the sculpting details created as well as circumferential in extent, often referred to as 360-degree body contouring.


Pregnancy-induced changes of the breast typically involve deflation and sagging observed after breastfeeding. In a large majority of patients, breast asymmetry is also developed when one breast is favored over another. Reversing pregnancy-induced breast changes will typically involve a breast augmentation or breast augmentation with a lift. Dr. Mowlavi has performed hundreds of breast procedures over his nearly two decades of practicing plastic surgery. He will customize your breast procedure component of your mommy makeover so that your breasts are rejuvenated and harmonious with the rest of your body.


Pregnancy changes most dramatically affect the belly as it feels the pressure of a growing baby. This pressure will induce not only your belly skin to grow and become lax but also your muscles to stretch and thin out. Skin laxity can be minimal to moderate or moderate to severe resulting in the stretch-marked appearance of skin that is most undesirable. Dr.  Mowlavi will gauge how much skin laxity must be eliminated and customize your belly surgery accordingly. If your muscles have stretched and thinned out, called diastasis recti, you may need your muscles to be repaired as part of your mommy makeover. Patients will typically observe diastasis recti if they have had large weight gain with their pregnancy,  greater than 30 pounds of weight gain or if they have had more than two pregnancies. Dr. Mowlavi may offer you several belly rejuvenating options including a mini tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck with or without muscle repair and/or abdominal etching. Your belly rejuvenation surgery will be dictated by your pregnancy-induced changes and be tailored to meet your goals.

Back and Buttock

Pregnancy-induced changes may not be limited to the belly of the torso and often wrap around the back. These include excess accumulation of fat in the upper, middle, and lower back as well as the flanks often with an associated flattening and sagging of the buttock. These changes are easily addressed with a combination of fat removal, skin tightening, and buttock reshaping using our customized high definition liposuction protocols. Fat removal is maximized using ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Minimal to moderate skin redundancy is corrected using our Renuvion Scarless skin tightening procedure. It allows for a reduction in skin laxity which will eliminate back rolls and lift the lower back skin redundancy without the need for skin excision. Minimal to moderate buttock sagging can also be corrected with buttock fat transfer also known as a Brazilian Buttock Lift. For patients with severe back skin redundancy or moderate to severe buttock sagging, a lateral thigh and buttock tuck will be recommended in addition to buttock fat transfer. Our Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Mowlavi is considered a world authority of Brazilian Buttock Lifts as an author and lecturer throughout national plastic surgery meetings.


Improvement in thighs requires consideration of excess fat, skin redundancy, and skin texture. The lateral thighs and medial thighs vary most by their skin texture. Whereas the lateral thigh skin texture remains excellent, the medial thighs are often plagued by undesirable skin texture changes as evident by crepe and thinned-out skin. This difference in skin texture dictates the basic difference between how the lateral and medial thigh treatments are approached. Since the lateral thighs possess excellent skin tone, their correction is limited to liposuction alone. In contrast, the medial thigh skin repair routinely requires not only liposuction to remove the excess skin but also a reduction in skin redundancy. When redundant skin is minimal to moderate, then minimally invasive Renuvion skin tightening is recommended. When redundant skin is moderate to severe, then a medial thigh tuck skin excision will be recommended.  

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Tummy tuck surgery is the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed in the torso. A full tummy tuck must address both skin laxity as well as any muscle changes. Given the popularity of the tummy tuck procedure, several advances have been appreciated in recent years. Advances in tummy tuck procedure demand superior aesthetic results that include an innie belly button, a low incision line, waistline narrowing, and appropriate aesthetic contour lines when observed from both the front and the sides. Our plastic surgeon is best known for the creation of the “Umbilicator” that allows him to create innie belly buttons routinely. This means that you can wear a two-piece bikini without being embarrassed by a surgically altered belly button. In addition, utilizing a low tummy tuck incision line allows you to hide your incision line within your undergarments. An incision line that is too high will result in both a shelf deformity but also loss of harmony between your belly and an artificially create a large private triangle. As a tummy tuck revision specialist, Dr. Mowlavi routinely observes both of these deformities when the incision line is not optimally positioned. Waistline narrowing is desirable by all patients because it exaggerates the desirable hourglass shape. Interestingly, loss of waistline narrowing is more likely following a traditional tummy tuck that tightens and re-drapes the lateral abdominal skin, almost like a tent covering. Instead, recent advances in tummy tuck surgery have focused on a specialized maneuver termed differential undermining that utilizes traction of the muscle repair that is kept attached to the overlying skin to ensure that waistline narrowing is not compromised despite redraping of the lateral belly skin. Finally, appropriate aesthetic lines must be created over the lateral flank region in order to maintain appropriate contour lines as depicted by the female silhouette. This requires attention to detail and the supplement of liposuction to contour the lateral sides. In summary, tummy tuck surgery today demands superior contouring results as described above.  

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The most important factor in achieving high definition body contouring results is addressing the physiological balance between skin redundancy and excess fat. Dr. Mowlavi, our plastic surgeon has pioneered the high definition liposuction (HDL) body scale to objectify these considerations and help design surgical protocols to get every patient the high definition results they desire.  Specifically, patients who are scored a 4 to 6 on the HDL body scale may benefit from a mini tummy tuck in their high definition liposuction journey. 

So what is a mini tummy tuck? As opposed to a full tuck, a mini tummy tuck allows us to eliminate mild to moderate skin redundancy is the abdomen. Furthermore, a mini tummy tuck avoids longer incision lines as well as extensive undermining. This difference in full versus mini tummy tuck provides both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The disadvantage of minimizing undermining is that you cannot access the abdominal muscles and thus cannot repair muscle looseness or what we call diastasis recti that can be done with a full tummy tuck. The advantage though is that because you are limiting undermining, you can perform high definition abdominal liposuction, i.e. abdominal etching. 

Why do so many patients travel from far away to have their mini tucks be performed by our Orange County plastic surgeon? To start with, Dr. Mowlavi utilizes a low incision line to remove any abdominal skin redundancy. This comes with several benefits. First, this incision is so small and low that it is successfully hidden in your bikini line which means you will never have to worry about showing off your new body without exposing your incision line. Second, the low incision line allows for abdominal etching of the entire belly down to your groin. Abdominal etching transforms your traditional mini tummy tuck into a high definition mini tummy tuck with visible muscle highlights. Finally, this skin excision allows Dr. Mowlavi to pull the belly button down to the optimal location, which should be approximately 1 cm below the midway vertical point between the breasts and the pubic region. Finally, traction placed on the belly will transform your belly button shape from a horizontally oriented to an ideal, vertical oriented belly button shape. A vertically oriented belly button is associated with a more athletic and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

If you are interested in high definition body contouring and optimally appearing mini tummy tuck, consider a consultation with our plastic surgeon, Arian Mowlavi MD to determine your current HDL Body Scale score and to determine whether a mini tummy tuck will benefit you.

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A nose job requires consideration of both external contour aesthetics goals but as well as internal functional demands. Our plastic surgeon possesses expert knowledge of nasal anatomy that is critical to achieving optimal nasal aesthetics and functional capacity. He has written numerous peer-reviewed journal articles discussing both cosmetic considerations such as defining the ideal nasal radix, which describes the uppermost region of the nose as well as evaluating the anatomical composition of the nasal septum, the main structural support pillar of the nose, and its contribution to breathing functionality. Rhinoplasty is one of the more complex surgeries of the body as it maintains small and delicate structures that must be manipulated to improve the overall contour and functionality of the nose. From an aesthetic standpoint, it is an important structure as it lies in the center of your face and is immediately noticeable. This makes it critical to avoid suboptimal or even unnatural look as it will be seen by all onlookers as it can’t be hidden. In addition, from a functional standpoint, breathing is an essential part of human life and any compromise of functionality will have a tremendous effect on the quality of life. In contrast, improvement in breathing capacity can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Mowlavi, treats the nose like it is a luxury watch that requires very detailed and fine maneuvers to alter. As part of your consultation, Dr. Mowlavi will teach you about the nasal structural details that will help you choose the best surgical nose job option for you.

The nose is divided into three separate units that include the upper, middle, and lower nose. The upper third of the nose is composed of a bony component, comprising the nasal bones and maxillary bone. The middle third of the nose is composed of a cartilaginous component called the upper lateral cartilages. The lower third of the nose describes the nasal tip and is composed of cartilaginous components of the paired lower lateral cartilages. Additionally, all three of the above-described units of the nose are intimately associated and supported by the central pillar called the septum. As such, Dr. Mowlavi offers two unique nose job options to his patients and these include the closed rhinoplasty versus the open rhinoplasty. The closed rhinoplasty is able to treat concerns over the upper two-thirds of the nose, such as concerns of a prominent nasal hump or a widened nasal bridge or base. The open rhinoplasty is able to treat all thirds of the nose including the upper two thirds as well as the lowest third nasal tip. Both nose job approaches provide the ability to improve the functionality of the nose. 

I am asked the following question routinely, “Why not perform the open rhinoplasty for everybody since it can treat all of the areas of the nose” The answer to this question is several-fold but the most important consideration is that the closed rhinoplasty can be performed in 1 hour whereas the open rhinoplasty requires 2 ½  hours to perform.  This is because the open rhinoplasty requires several additional steps required to reinforce the structural integrity of the nose that the closed rhinoplasty does not require.  More importantly, the additional 1 ½ hours of surgical time means substantially higher rhinoplasty cost. Thus, if you are only concerned about the appearance of the upper 2/3rd of your nose, then a closed rhinoplasty is the surgery for you as it will provide you the results you are desiring at a fraction of the price. However, if you desire correction of your nasal tip shape or position, then you should consider an open rhinoplasty.  

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Breast lift with implant augmentation is the ideal procedure for patients who have observed both breast deflation as well as nipple areola sagging. This is because breast implant augmentation alone will only increase breast volume whereas breast lift will reverse the sagging of the nipple and areolas. Interestingly, these combined procedures are considered more technical than either procedure done independently. There are several reasons why breast lift with implant augmentation is considered more technical than either of the two separate procedures and this stems from technical concerns arising from preserving blood flow to the nipple-areola complex. The breast lift utilizes back cuts into the breast surrounding the nipple and areola required to lift the nipple-areola complex to a higher, more desirable position. This compromise of blood flow to the nipple and areola is compounded by the placement of an implant that is centered behind the nipple and areola complex. This placement of the breast implant results in additional pressure on the nipple-areola complex that can compromise blood flow to the nipple and areola. 

Doctor Mpwlavi uses a modified breast lift technique to consistently ensure the preservation of blood flow to the nipple and areola complex despite performing simultaneous breast lift with implant augmentation. Dr. Mowlavi utilizes a vertical mastopexy which directs reroutes blood flow to the nipple and areola from a superior direction that is positioned out of harm's way from the implant that is positioned inferiorly. However, the vertical mastopexy procedure is traditionally associated with poor breast shaping capacity. As such, Dr. Mowlavi has modified the vertical mastopexy by fusing its architectural design with an incision line breast lift pattern described by the inverted T Weiss pattern that allows for optimal breast shaping. The result of fusing these two techniques is Dr. Mowlavi’s ability to provide a safe simultaneous breast lift with implant augmentation while providing you the ultimate breast shape outcomes. Today, Dr. Mowlavi is considered a master breast surgeon with patients traveling from all over the country to complete their breast surgery goals.   

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Facelift surgery has made considerable advances over the last 15 years and these have been attributed to the identification of a specialized lining of the facial muscles, called the SMAS. SMAS is an eponym for the superficial musculoaponeurotic system and describes a discrete layer that is beneath the skin and overlying in the muscles. This layer is critical when performing the Gold Standard facelift, that our Dr. Mowlavi has coined, the Dual Plane Extended SMAS Facelift. The dual-plane is derived from the fact that Dr. Mowlavi lifts the sagging tissues of the face using two separate layers that include the skin layer as well as the SMAS layer. Pulling the skin layer is intuitive as this layer contains 90% of what has fallen and needs to be lifted. However, it is not advisable to place all of the tension on this layer. What the Gold Standard facelift offers is the ability to effectively and permanently reverse the sagging tissues of the face and neck without looking over tightened and unnatural. By lifting the SMAS as a separate layer, 70 % of the weight of the skin layer can be leveraged on this deeper layer, thus removing the tension and tight appearance from off of the skin layer. The Dual Plane Extended SMAS facelift as designed by our own Dr. Mowlavi will provide several advantages that include:

1) Incision lines that are concealed and not deforming of the earlobe. This is because the tension on the incision line is removed by virtue of placing 70% of the skin weight on the deeper SMAS layer. This results in minimal tension on the skin layer closure and thus a well-healed incision line. 

2) A smooth superficial contour that is best described by the analogy of making a bed. By virtue of pulling the deeper SMAS layer which represents the bedsheet, the skin layer drapes smoothly almost like a crisply made bed as represented by the bedspread.

3) A comprehensive pull is achieved by having two handles of pull as depicted by the deeper SMAS and the more superficial skin layer. The two handles of pull are in contrast to the skin only pull that is advertised by surgeons who perform the suboptimal facelift under local anesthetic only.

4) A natural facelift is offered by the Dual Plane Extended SMAS Facelift by virtue of removing the tension off of the skin layer and onto the non-visible SMAS layer. This is in contrast to the suboptimal skin only facelift that is characterized by the windblown look due to unnecessary tension on the lateral eyelids or the joker face due to unnecessary tension on the lateral corner of the lips.

5) Permanent rejuvenation of the face is achieved by the Dual Plane Extended SMAS Facelift by virtue of having minimized tension on the skin layer. This is in contrast to the skin only lifts that places the skin under tension. When skin is under tension, the body triggers it to grow thus losing all of the tightness as early as one year following surgery. Dr. Mowlavi’s Dual Plane Extended SMAS Facelift keeps the skin tension below the trigger tension thus avoiding the recoil in skin growth.

In summary, if you are desiring the definitive Gold Standard facelift that has been performed on celebrities, politicians, and clients from throughout the country, we recommend that you complete a consultation with our Newport Beach plastic surgeon.

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Fat transfer refers to the transfer of fat cells from one area to another within an individual. Our plastic cosmetic surgeon has become internationally renowned for advances made in the area of fat harvesting, processing, and reinjecting. Significant advances have been made by our Orange County plastic surgeon to improve overall fat transfer outcomes. Fat harvesting has been optimized by utilizing ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology. Ultrasound allows the fat to be transformed from a solid to a liquid state thus making fat retrieval less intrusive. This is because liquid fat is easier to suction off by being siphoned rather than being pierced out when in a normally semisolid state. This means fat cells are less likely to be injured by having their cell membranes being nicked. Gentle siphoning of liquified fat cells also means less trauma to the nerves and vessels in the soft tissue. Additionally, Dr. Mowlavi has a proprietary closed-loop fat processing system that takes advantage of the fat being contained in a sterile and sealed canister. This means the fat is never exposed to outside contaminants. As a result, the risk of fat infection is minimized. The closed-loop system also quickens the cleansing and compacting process. In addition, the fat is kept cool while in the canister so that it is not tolled metabolically. By exposing the fat to hypothermia, the fat cell survivability is optimized. Fat cells out of the body act like fish out of the water and must be replaced back into the body ideally within 30 minutes. Out of body time is likely extended by hypothermia induction which reduces their metabolic rates. Finally, the closed-loop system allows us to quicken re-injection times. Quick reinjection times are appreciated by reversing the peristaltic motor used to infiltrate the tumescent solution. Thus, the same infiltrating tubing is used to reinject the fat back into the patient without the need for the arduous task of filling dozens of smaller syringes traditionally used for fat reinjection. The net result is that a ½ to 1-hour process has been reduced to  5 to 10 minutes. Finally, Dr. Mowlavi has optimized fat transfer localization by injecting fat cells with his proprietary ultrasound visualized fat grafting cannula placement.

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Male chest surgery has been pioneered by our own Newport Beach plastic surgeon to optimize chest appearance in male patients seeking to have masculinized chest contours. Male chest surgery goes beyond traditional gynecomastia surgeries that only eliminate excess fat that create the “man boob” appearance. The end goal of a male chest surgery is to create an armor plate appearance that is harmonious with a chiseled abdomen and gives off that superhero look. 

Our amazing plastic surgeon has meticulously designed a surgical algorithm to give every male an optimized male chest surgery result that matches a six-pack abdominal appearance. In a recent peer-reviewed article published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, we outline the male chest surgery algorithm that requires fat reduction as well as an addition that is required to create a masculinized chest appearance. Whereas traditional gynecomastia merely created a flat chest appearance, Dr. Mowlavi’s published male chest surgery strives to create an armor plate appearance. This armor plate appearance is characterized by a flat center yet bold perimeter of the chest that is linear and pentagonal armored plate appearance. This is done by first removing all excess fat from the armpit region (axilla or region lateral to the chest) and the nipple and areola region (periareolar). Our talented plastic surgeon will then use your own fat that has been liposuctioned to transfer it back into the chest borders to create that strong, straight-line appearance. Fat transfer is accomplished with removal using ultrasound-assisted liposuction to optimize fat cell viability and then strategically injected back into the pectoralis muscle. Intramuscular injection is required to ensure a firm chest feel rather than soft fullness characteristic of a female breast.  Dr. Mowlavi is able to use this fat like an artist and accurately and precisely create the optimized squared chest appearance. This includes fat added to the vertical medial line, horizontal inferior line, and medial and lateral oblique lines. However, complete male chest surgery is not complete by only addressing the chest. Our expert plastic surgeon focuses on the total body appearance and an ideal chest appearance is only achieved if it is superimposed on an etched abdomen with visible horizontal inscriptions as part of a six-pack construction. 

If you find it difficult to achieve an ideal male chest appearance through conventional dieting or exercise, consider a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi to see if a male chest surgery can get you that superhero look you have been chasing.

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Gynecomastia surgery describes the procedure designed to flatten the rounded and feminized appearing chest. In order to achieve this flattening, both the mammary glands and fat must be eliminated. The mammary gland is typically described as a discoid tissue and is typically located just under the nipple and areola. This tissue must be excised using a small and discrete incision placed along the inferior border of the areola. This incision is placed in the areola and breast junction with great care to fall directly into the color hue change between the two regions. When dissecting out the glandular tissues, retractors are used to ensure complete elimination of the discoid tissue. Of note, these retractors have a protective lining so that the skin edge is not traumatized. This is critical to ensure a healthy incision line edge and subsequent incision line healing. Finally, our surgeon supplements the direct excision of discoid tissue with liposuction of the fat throughout the periphery of the chest. This maneuver ensures that a divot deformity occurring from the glandular excision does not result. The removal of fat is feathered during gynecomastia to ensure that a smooth superficial contour of the chest is created. Accurate fat removal with appropriate surgical planning is essential as breast mound contours vary from the medial to lateral and superior to inferior quadrants. Differences even between the left and right chest are routinely observed during gynecomastia surgery. Dr. Mowlavi is well known for his superior outcomes following gynecomastia surgeries as well as gynecomastia revision surgeries.


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Renuvion Scarless skin tightening is an advanced body contouring procedure that allows our plastic surgeon to eliminate skin redundancy without the need for surgical excision lines. The Renuvion scarless skin tightening device combines helium plasma technology with radiofrequency energy to heat up collagen molecules and cause their contraction. This then results in a shrink wrap effect of collagen molecules and subsequent tightening of the skin in a safe and effective manner. 

There are several advantages to Renuvion scarless skin tightening technology over the traditional excisional surgery option to the elimination of skin redundancy. One major concern of older patients that come to our Newport Beach plastic surgeon is the fear of prolonged postoperative recovery time. Another concern is the prolonged surgical times and invasiveness required for excisional surgeries. Older patients just don’t want the additional risk of both surgery and healing associated with excisional surgeries. Another concerned patient population includes younger patients who do not want to have the stigma of a surgical incision line. Similarly, male patients are often embarrassed about showing any signs of surgery and often seek non-incisional or minor procedures that do not demonstrate considerable change so that they can blend in with the general population. Both of the lateral groups are also typically in the workforce and don’t have the luxury of prolonged recovery periods associated with excisional surgery. We can now offer a viable alternative to a select set of patients who require skin reduction but who cannot tolerate a more invasive surgery associated with excisional surgeries. 

Finally, Renuvion scarless skin tightening has allowed our skilled plastic surgeon to develop his High Definition Liposuction Body Scale protocol and surgical algorithms. The HDL body scale assigns a body contouring score to every patient ranging from 2 to 10. Your individual score is based on the degree of excess fat, amount of skin redundancy, and the extent of skin texture changes. The goal of every surgical patient is to achieve a near-perfect 9-10 on the HD Liposuction Body Scale.  Patients presenting with moderate skin redundancy (5-7 score on the HD Liposuction Body Scale) can now be accommodated with minimally invasive Renuvion skin tightening.

If you are interested in high definition body contouring, we encourage you to consider a consultation with Dr. Mowlavi to determine what is possible.

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Abdominal etching is an advanced high definition liposuction procedure that goes far beyond the goals of traditional liposuction. Through the use of VASER liposuction, our Newport Beach plastic surgeon is able to bring out your muscle highlights by comprehensively removing fat in both the superficial and deep layers. Comprehensive fat removal is made possible by the use of ultrasound-assisted liposuction (VASER liposuction) that is able to remove 40% more fat than traditional liposuction from the more prominent deep layer. This capacity for fat removal is essential to create transparency of underlying abdominal muscles. Then, selective fat removal from the superficial fat. The later removal techniques are unique in that they will allow for the creation of muscle highlights that require upper-division etching of muscle shadows. Finesse is definitely required to achieve the creation of abdominal muscles that include the rectus muscles, serratus muscles, and external oblique muscles. Expertise in sculpting and intimate knowledge of muscle anatomy is paramount to performing abdominal etching. In fact, our Newport Beach plastic surgeon has made abdominal etching the passion of his career. Dr. Mowlavi has created the High Definition Liposuction Body Scale, a tool intended to guide surgeons striving to master abdominal etching. 

Finally, as detailed in the High Definition Liposuction Body Scale surgical algorithm, true HD body contouring and abdominal etching cannot be achieved by only treating excess fat while ignoring the skin. By using this protocol, surgeons are guided on how to manage abdominal skin redundancy when attempting abdominal etching. Today, our Newport Beach plastic surgeon can perform abdominal etching on a wide array of patients regardless of the amount of skin redundancy. After VASER liposuction, the degree of skin redundancy must be evaluated. For minimal skin redundancy, Renuvion skin tightening may be used to reduce skin laxity.  When moderate skin redundancy is present, a small pubic skin resection may be necessary.

In summary, abdominal etching is a very specialized and high-end liposculpture technique performed only by elite liposuction providers. This is why our Newport Beach plastic surgeon treats patients from all over the world. Whether you live locally or reside across the world, we can help you complete a virtual consultation so that you can appreciate your customized abdominal etching plan.


Dr. Mowlavi is Incredible, It was a very, very professional atmosphere

It was a very, very professional atmosphere, with a friendly staff and amazing Doctor who made me feel cared for and safe. It's my first time going through a procedure like this and it wasn't at all a bad first impression. Thank you so much to Dr. Mowalvi, Jame and the rest of the staff. It was definitely a safe and quick procedure. I would recommend this place to everyone!

So happy with my results...

I had my procedure with Dr. Mowlavi in March of this year. I am so happy with my results. He was kind and caring from the beginning to the end. His coordinator Claudia is the sweetest. I felt very welcome each time. The staff was always friendly. The office is beautiful and very high end. I would definitely recommend this surgeon. He is very skilled and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to all my friends!

I think I looked 10 years younger almost immediately...

I had a great experience at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute. I wanted to look a little younger and fresher for my daughters wedding day, so I booked an appointment not quite sure what I needed. Dr. Mowlavi was wonderful he suggested a couple of procedures that I had not even thought of and were amazing. He plumped up my cheekbones and took away some of my crows feet. I think I looked 10 years younger almost immediately.

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