Skin Care Products Overview

Osmosis Skin Care Products

Osmosis products enhance the repair process in the skin. It promotes barrier repair so that their skin has less inflammation between medical procedures.  Osmosis MD provides a comprehensive skincare solution which is especially beneficial to our Botox patients. The unique combination of ingredients works with the skin’s natural remodeling efforts. This creates such a healthy state that the skin repairs its imperfections and reverses sun damage without irritation or swelling.

BioCorneum Silicone Gel Scar Treatment

BioCorneum®+ helps prevent abnormal scarring after surgery. It is also used for most burn marks. It reduces redness and discoloration while also reducing itching and discomfort associated with scar healing. It incorporates sunscreen ingredients (SPF 30) while also softening and flattening raised scars, and preventing discoloration caused by sun exposure. BioCorneum®+ is the leading choice for Our Surgical Team when he creates a comprehensive scar management plan for patients.

Arnika Forte

Arnika Forte™ capsules work within the body to decrease swelling and bruising. The effect of all of the ingredients in each capsule come together to speed the headling time up to 50%. The vegetable-based capsules are completely lactose-free which makes them easy to digest and able to be quickly absorbed into your system.

Alphaeon Eyelash Growth Serum

Our Alphaeon Eyelash growth serum is used to hydrate, condition and strengthen lashes. This results in the appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes. Patients can expect to see results within one month of use.

If you are interested in our various skincare products, contact our office manager for more information and pricing.

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