Fillers for Face Before and After

facial filler patient 5 before and after

Dr. Mowlavi’s experience with fillers for face allows his patients to experience drastic before and after results that demonstrate a younger look. You are encouraged to view fiillers for face before and after photos with a careful eye when picking a surgeon. The main difference in fillers for face before and after results comes from their volume enhancing capabilities. Dr. Mowlavi’s patients notice increased volume, increased tightness, complete or reduced visibility of wrinkles, as well as a younger and more youthful appearance. Another key detail of fillers for face before and after photos are the time between photos. Facial fillers with Dr. Mowlavi are long lasting. He offers both Radiesse and Juvederm Ultra Plus. Radiesse facial fillers can last anywhere from 1.5 to 2 years.

The firm calcium hydroxylapatite material used in this filler is what gives it its long-lasting capabilities. This filler creates beautiful results, mainly increased volume in areas positioned against bony structures, such as the nose or jawline. Fillers for face before and after patients who required treatment to soft areas (lips) should be treated with Juvederm Ultra Plus. This filler is composed of a softer hyaluronic acid gel, and thus has a volume-enhancing after effects that last between 6-9 months. Dr. Mowlavi’s years of experience with many fillers is evident in his fillers for face before and after results.

Fillers for Face Before and After

Please note this 33 year old female 2 months following Juvederm Ultra-Plus injection of her upper lip. A complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi is a click away!

Q: I want a more youthful appearance, but I’m scared facial fillers will make me look “plastic” and “fake”. Will this happen?

A: At Dr. Mowlavi’s office, we focus on creating a youthful and natural appearance. Dermal facial fillers work by adding volume that may be lost over time due to aging, but do not create an appearance that looks overly tight and unnatural.

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