VIORA Reaction Patient 2

before and after front left view

VIORA Reaction



38 year old from long beach status post 10 sessions of Viora Reaction contouring treatments for neck and eyes.




This female patient decided to use VIORA Reaction™ to address her facial skin appearance. Notice the improved skin quality and tightness in her before and after photos. VIORA Reaction is a radio frequency device for treating sagging skin and body contouring. It is a safe and painless non-invasive procedure which not only affordable but has no down time while giving consistent results for body contouring, lifting and tightening of the skin. VIORA skin tightening treatments are suitable for every one of your problem areas on your body and face. The most commonly treated areas are facial areas such as around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, neck, jowls, and décolleté, but VIORA is also effective for treating sagging skin of the abdomen, thighs and arms.

VIORA Reaction

If you are interested in a Viora procedure, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi and his professional esthetician today. If you are unsure of which skin care procedure you need, check out the other skin care pages such as the Viora Page or our general Skin Care Page.


What our patients have to say…

“Dr Mowlavi has extraordinary bedside manor. In all aspects of my medical needs. He, along with his staff performed amazing feats for me as a patient traveling from out of state . They work like a fine art painting being fine tuned and the concerns of the patient were always addressed and resolved efficiently. The medical profession is blessed with Dr. Mowlavi. My veins are flowing again, my eyes can see again and my back pain is gone. He goes beyond plastic surgery and I have found a surgeon I can count on for life.” – Wendy W. Norwalk, CA

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