Face Filler Side Effects

Face Filler Side Effects
70-year-old female following Radiesse filler – front view
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Because of Our Surgical Team’s expertise in dermal filler injection, our patients experience few if any side effects. Our Surgical Team uses a number of different techniques to avoid common face filler side effects that may be experienced at regular medical spas. One face filler side effect involves an infection.

Minimizing Face Filler Side Effects

Our Surgical Team minimizes this risk by never storing a filler for later use once it has been opened. This means that you will be required to use the entire filler syringe during your appointment. Another face filler side effect involves an allergic reaction.

Our Surgical Team has chosen to use only Juvederm and Radiesse fillers which contain biogenic molecules in the body thus eliminating the risk of an allergic reaction.

Biogenic molecules mimic natural proteins produced in the body and thus avoiding the risk of an allergic reaction.

Another face filler side effect that may arise is temporary swelling. Temporary swelling can happen when the needle being inserted hits a small vessel in the area, causing swelling and bruising.

At Our Surgical Team’s office, we avoid this face fillers side effect by doing regional blocks around the area being injected to constrict the small vessels found in and under the skin.

Regional blocks involve injecting numbing medicine that contains epinephrine in specific locations where the main nerve and vascular trunks are located thereby constricting all distal vessels to become constricted.

This maneuver is very effective in avoiding inadvertent injury to vessels that results in bruising. In addition, the topical application of cold air is utilized to constrict the vessels in that area before the needle is inserted.

If you are interested in having a face filler, we encourage you to make a consultation with Our Surgical Team who can share with you the potential benefits of facial fillers.

Please note this 70-year-old female 6 months following Radiesse filler to the nasojugal groove.

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