Injectable Cheek Fillers

injectable cheek fillers patient 6 before and after

At Dr. Mowlavi’s office, we have patients routinely come in interested in injectable cheek fillers. These types of fillers create an enhanced, youthful appreance work by adding volume in the cheeks that is lost due to aging over time. Loss of volume and increased wrinkles, known as jowling, is the number one sign of aging. As you age, the natural fat in your face depletes. This results in a flattening of the cheeks and sagging skin. When this natural fat is lost, the skin above begins to wrinkle because of the loss in volume. Injectable cheek fillers correct this by replacing that lost volume. The two common injectable cheek fillers we use at our office are Radiesse and Juvederm Ultra Plus. Radiesse is a much firmer filler which is commonly used to fill in cheek areas such as the nasojugal grove.

The firm injectable cheek fillers are necessary for this area because the skin rests against the cheek bone. Any time filler is applied near a bony area, Radiesse is preferred over Juvederm Ultra Plus. Juvederm Ultra Plus is a much softer filler which works best in areas such as the lips, which need a softer feel.

Injectable Cheek Fillers

Please observe this 49 year old female 2 months following Juvederm injection of the upper and lower lips

Q: How long will it take to notice the results of injectable cheek fillers?

A: Dermal fillers provide instant volume immediately after injection. You may notice slight swelling, which typically resolves in a couple of days after injection.

Q: How long do these results usually last?

A: The results from injectable face fillers varies depending on which areas were treated. Radiesse, being a firmer filler, typically lasts 1.5 to 2 years. Juvederm Ultra Plus, which is a softer filler and easier for the body to metabolizes, usually dissolves away in about 6 to 9 months.

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