NuGene Stem Cell Skin Care

Product: Leveraging innovative patent-pending stem cell technology, NuGene stem cell skin care is changing the face of anti-aging skincare as the world knows it. This groundbreaking collection of clinically proven anti-aging skincare products utilizes stem cell technology—one of modern science’s most remarkable achievements—in a way no other skincare brand ever has. The result? Superior formulations that foster younger-looking skin in a way no other skincare brand can.
Available Products: NuCleanse Face Wash, NuLight Light & Bright Gel, NuEye Eye Serum, NuCell Universal Serum, NuCell Universal Cream.



Stem Cells are biological cells that divide and differentiate into various specialized cell types, and self-renew to produce more stem cells. Stem cells are found in almost all the organs of the body and are named after their source: embryonic stem cells (ESCs), bone-marrow stem cells (BMSCs), adipose (from fat) stem cells (ASCs), etc. NuGene’s cutting edge technology utilizes human adipose stem cells (ASCs) derived biomolecules and growth factors. These cells are highly capable of stimulating cellular proliferation and differentiation. Each cytokine/protein/growth factor produced has a unique characteristic function. For example, EGF increases the proliferation of fibroblast, which synthesizes collagen and elastin, and IGF-1 increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. The overall effects of these factors result in increased skin elasticity, which helps reduce fine lines/wrinkles and improves skin vitality.

Human skin is a living organ which performs dynamic activities such as growth, repair and maintenance. Even though our skin requires growth factors as key modulators of skin cell metabolism and function, their expression level decreases as we age. Importantly, the biomolecules delivered by ASCs are pure in nature and native in structure. These ASCs and products thereof are not recognized as foreign by the human body. NuGene scientists adopted stem cells because they produce growth factors in large quantities, which are pure in nature and easily recognized by your skin.

The human ASC derived cytokines, which include growth factors and proteins, are completely safe. They are structurally and functionally similar to the ones found within your skin.

NuGene stem cell skin care system utilizes active ingredients in the highest concentrations. In addition, our propriety and perfectly balanced blend of anti-oxidants, natural ingredients and peptides work synergistically to improve signs of aging. Our skin care system is intended to improve skin texture, luminosity, hydration and appearance of fine lines.

The NuGene stem cell skin care system is beneficial for skin of all ages and either sex. The products are not recommended to be used by pregnant or lactating women.

No! Growth hormone is a single protein for musculoskeletal growth. Growth factors are naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth, healing, and cellular differentiation.



Amazing Doctor!

I had a breast augmentation revision due to some bad scarring from a previous procedure 10 years ago. Our Surgical Team performed my implant replacement and now I couldn't be happier, the scarring is completely gone. Post-op care has been great, his entire office including Claudia and James were there every step of the way and calm you down throughout the process!

Very professional staff. Wonderful doctor, I am very pleased with the results

I had a Ruptured implant and I called few different places and they all gave me appointments which were in few weeks time frame. When I called Our Surgical Team's office , they took me right away even though they were booked, they said it was very important to be seen and get replacement since I had a rapture implant. Claudia and Our Surgical Team were so professional and kind. They explained everything clearly and gave me few options and worked with my schedule even though they were booked. They stayed after hours for my appointment and operated on me within 10 days of my first appointment. Its been two weeks since my surgery and I am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Our Surgical Team to anyone in need of Breast implants.

DR. Our Surgical Team is Awesome

I couldnt be happier with Our Surgical Team and his excellent staff. I always felt like i was in great hands and would be well taken care of during my procedure. Our Surgical Team really listened to all my concerns and i couldn't be happier with the outcome of my procedure! The staff at Our Surgical Team's office is so warm and friendly and took great care of me. I highly recommend Our Surgical Team for any procedure you are looking into.

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