ProCell Microneedling: Hair Regrowth

ProCell Microneedling for Hair Regrowth


Scalp Microneedling with human stem cells. This procedure is an amazing treatment for patients with thinning or balding hair. We use a serum with cutting edge stem cell science with over 350 growth factors for optimal results. Applying this serum with micro-needling allows you to receive 300% more product penetration for maximal benefit. Microneedling along your skin also stimulates collagen and elastin production. In combination with the stem cell serum, this procedure stimulates hair growth to turn back the hands of time against aging.


Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes.


A numbing cream will be applied 10-15 minutes prior to your treatment. Then the stem cells are applied in sections and are needled into the skin.

Place of Treatment

You will be treated in our medical spa room in Our Surgical Team's state of the art medical office and surgery center.


After your treatment apply the stem cell serum every 10-15 minutes until there is no serum left. Micro channels in your skin will remain open for a few hours following the treatment, so the serum will continue to penetrate the skin to enhance the production of new collagen and elastin in your skin. Be sure to drink lots of water to keep hydrated and to help flush toxins out of your body. Do not apply any products to your hair. A gentle shampoo may be used at bed time, avoid using any heavy conditioners. For best results apply the hair growth serum daily.

For best results you should return for a follow up MicroNeedling Scalp treatment once a week or five weeks. Reschedule a follow up appointment a month later to assess results and begin another treatment battery.

Your health and well being will always be our first concern. When numbing wears off your skin, you may feel like you have a mild sunburn and exhibit a red glow. You may apply a cool compress such as an ice pack to relieve the burning (do not use creams or other topical medications). These side effects are generally resolved by the following morning. Longer needle lengths may continue to be red for an extra day, or may result potential pinprick scabbing (red dots). You can expect to return to normal within 2-3 days.

There is no recovery time associated with the ProCell Microneedling. You may return to work and your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

A mild topical anesthesia may be applied 10-20 minutes prior to your appointment.


Very happy with my results

Our Surgical Team and staff were wonderful! During every visit they were very kind and professional. I felt very comfortable talking to him and staff about any question I had. I'm very happy with my decision to use Our Surgical Team for my procedure.

29 Y/O Dreams Furfilled with a Breast Aug!

I can't give Our Surgical Team, James, Claudia and the rest of his staff enough praise! Our Surgical Team isn't just my doctor but a family friend now. He performed a breast augmentation on me but really he helped me in so many other ways other than the surgery. I went in there so insecure and he has helped me feel, think and look like a confidant woman. He gave me exactly what I asked for and his whole staff helped along the way. He gave me specific, easy and clear directions all along the way to attain the goal that we both set together. I am 6 months post op and I am so happy with my results. He has done work on my mom, sister-in law and soon my sister too. He knows exactly what he is doing and isn't happy until his patients are happy. James which is his right hand is amazing, he is so easy to talk to and is the funniest and sweetest guy! He also took the time to get to know me and really cares. I would look forward to seeing him every time I had an appointment because he was so genuine and made everything go along smoothly. Claudia besides being so beautiful is so sweet, she explains everything and makes herself available at all times to clear any and every question up. They always are confident in their responses and follow through with what they promise. Everyone is so genuine here I can't recommend him and his staff enough.

Simply the BEST!!!

I was a patient of Our Surgical Team's three years ago when I underwent breast implant removal (silicone) and a lift. I should have never had implants in the first place, but after childbirth and breastfeeding, decided to go for something to fill in the laxity. By the way, the implant surgery was with a different doctor. I was never happy with the original result and as I aged things got worse. The implants stayed in place as gravity pulled at my naturally heavy breast tissue, making me more and more uncomfortable and self-conscious. I'd done my research and after years of wanting it done, contacted Our Surgical Team. My before picture is on Our Surgical Team's site as a 58 year-old with disfigured breasts. I just saw the before and after pictures and was horrified to remember that's what I looked like before Our Surgical Team preformed his transformation magic on me! I love my breasts!!! I'm 61 years old now and everyday I am thankful for Our Surgical Team's expertise. I feel 20 years younger, can wear anything I want, and am no longer self-conscious. Our Surgical Team and wonderful staff, this is a long time in coming; I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my perky breasts for a job well-done and for putting me at ease during the process. I really do love you guys.

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