Neck Lift Surgery Video

Neck lift surgery video can be very helpful in appreciating the changes that can be expected following a neck lift. This is because it is helpful to evaluate the neck contour improvements observed with dynamic motion since there can be changes in contour that cannot be appreciated with a static photographic image. Neck lift surgery video is important because it will show how the neck contour changes with flexion and extension of the platysma muscle which covers the entire neck region. The platysma literally spans across the entire neck like a hammock. When the platysma is flexed, it tightens up creating platysma bands that can be visualized through the neck skin. Routine neck lift surgery will tighten the lateral edge of the platysma as part of the SMAS tuck thereby eliminating the lateral band. A small subset of patients may have a tear in their platysma which would require a formal platysmaplasty. The platysmaplasty requires a small hidden incision under the chin which is used to access the central platysma muscle which is then repaired in the midline using a corsette like stitch. Whether or not a platysmalplasty is performed is based on dynamic tightening of the platysma muscle and identifying the central platysma band. The neck lift surgery video allows prospective patients to appreciate the improvements from before to after including the evaluation of the platysma. Patients should expect complete resolution of the platysma bands as described above. If you are desiring a neck lift, you should request to meet a neck lift patient in real life or to see a neck lift surgery video of a patient before and after surgery. This will ensure a properly performed surgery that results in optimum neck lift results. Please admire this 68 year old female who has undergone neck lift surgery to address her signs of aging.

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