Neck Lift Recovery

Neck lift recovery is very tolerable since it is nearly painless and requires very little maintenance. You will wake up and find your neck dressed with a neck bra. The intent of the neck bra is to ensure that the lifted neck skin reattaches to the underlying neck in uniform manner. Neck lift recovery is limited by the time it takes the neck skin to adhere back up as above which occurs over the first week following surgery. This means that you can expect removal of the neck bra at one week making you presentable to the outside world. You will also observe two drains that are placed on each side of your neck but they don’t require you to manage them. This is because the drains are purely precautionary and don’t fill up. The drains are placed to ensure that in the even you were to get an unexpected bleeder in your neck, that the drainage would flow out rather than compress your neck. These drains will also be removed at your first follow up at one week. Neck lift recovery is considered by most patients to be a breeze with little responsibility. We do ask you to avoid bending over, straining, and consumption of any foods or medications that are blood thinners. If you are on blood pressure lowering medications, we ask you to continue taking them. The most frequent cause of bleeding following neck surgery is increased blood pressure which causes popping off of a blood clott from a vessel. Fortunately, this complication is rare and there are drains in place which will immediately inform you if this complication were to occur so that it can be managed promptly. On day 10 following neck surgery you will have sutures removed from the back of your ear and neck and free to go out to dinner with family and friends and to return to all of your daily activities. At two weeks you are allowed to gradually increase your physical activity and at one month there are absolutely no physical limitations. In summary, neck lift recovery is expedited and requires minimal intervention. Most of our neck lift patients are pleasantly surprised on how comfortable and seamless their recovery was. In fact, a few don’t even consume any of their pain medication pills. Please see this 62 year old female who had an easy neck lift recovery and was able to achieve a natural rejuvenation of her face.

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