Neck Lift Without Surgery


Neck lift without surgery was not possible until a few years ago as there were no viable options for tightening the skin without an excision. Approximately one year ago, it became evident that a device called Renuvion which was created to ablate or resurface the skin could also be used to tighten the skin. Using helium activated radiofrequency delivered through a wand, the neck skin can be tightened by administering heat to the under dermal layer of the skin termed subdermal coagulation. Neck lift without surgery is possible by utilizing minimally invasive VASER liposuction followed by Renuvion skin tightening using a small stab incision under the chin. The small stab is used to first infiltrate tumescent solution into the neck region. Then VASER liposuction is used to remove all of the fat from the neck region. Finally, Renuvion skin tightening is used to eliminate all skin laxity from the region.

Neck lift without surgery that is invasive is now a reality and can be performed without the need for general anesthesia or IV sedation. Interestingly, neck lift without surgery as described above is able to achieve 60 to 70% of the results that are achievable with traditional face and neck lift invasive surgeries. If you are desiring a neck lift but do not wish to undergo an invasive surgical surgery requiring general anesthesia than this might be your ideal alternative. Patients that typically desire neck lift without surgery are on both ends of the age spectrum. Excellent candidates for the neck lift without surgery include both the 40 year olds as well as the 80 year olds. The 40 year olds wish to avoid the stigma of an incision that is required by the more invasive, traditional neck lift. In contrast, the 80 year olds wish to avoid general anesthesia or IV sedation required for the traditional neck lift in addition to desiring to avoid having to heal larger incision lines. If you are desiring a more modest improvement of your neck contour, we encourage you to consider a neck lift without surgery.

Please appreciate the improved facial aesthetic of this 49 year old female following VASER liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening of the face.

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